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[S04E22] Trade Ya!

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Fluttershy : Rainbow Dash...Why did you sell me...

MLP : S04E22

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Sorry Rainbow Dash, but the law's the law.  Rainbow Dash Crying icon :unlock: locked emoticon
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this should have occurred in the episode. 
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Well, she kinda has a point.
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lol I did think that when watching this episode Happy Moonlight 
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Guees Slavery is a-okay as long you do it on special Events. : P
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How do you think Twilight ended up with Spike?
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Better treat him good, otherwise he'll have a thing or two to say when he is grown up : P
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This is hilarious!
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this is realistic
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uhh fluttershy was okay with it u know, so technically its not trafficking
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i'm pretty sure that's not how it works
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hear's a link to my review of the episode, I think you might like it:…
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Nighmare Twilight.
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i dint know pony trafficing was illigal  what am i suppost to do with 45 fluttershys
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Objection Emote Rainbow Dash didn't coercely forced Fluttershy into forced hard labor for the mare! She traded the Orthros exclusively for just the book and nothing more! Fluttershy consented to assisting the mare into training the Orthros, so the charges on trafficking cannot be placed upon!
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:iconrookieedgeygahplz: Guh! Wright... You...
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princess twilight sparkle icon >Hmmm...he does make a valid point...Anything arguments you like to add, prosecutor Edgeworth?
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:iconrookieedgeygahplz:The... prosecution...
:iconedgeybadassplz:Has a lot to say. Defendant, you say Ms. Shy isn't coerced? I say otherwise.
:iconmilesedgeworthplz: Ms. Shy is a submissive pony. Being a good friend to Ms. Shy, Ms. Dash knew and exploited her weakness. She was coerced by something more powerful than sword and spear.
:iconedgeyyellplz:Ms. Shy was coerced by Ms. Dash through her affection for her friend! She was a part of the trade conditions! She WAS traded away, forcing her to leave behind her cottage and animals unattended for countless moons! What else can this be if not pony trafficking!?
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Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Objects) [V1] If that's the case, then that would also mean the animal collector would deprive Fluttershy of her essential needs, such as sustenances, shelter and communication with her friends. She also would refuse to provide service fees, thus it would prove that she was sold for slavery, and prevent her from hiring somepony to take care of her animals.

Fluttershy would be free to leave at certain times in breaks, so long as she kept her side of the deal. Otherwise, the collector would lose her subscription services for animal.

Your Honour, I would like to bring the collector to the witness stand and have her testify her intentions for the animal trainer.
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:iconsadfluttershyplz:Please stop all this!
:iconsadfluttershyplz:Why the two of you treat Dashie like a criminal! I agreed wholeheartedly to be trade my taming skills for my friend!
Collector: And I'll treat her well just like anypony else! I-I swear!…
:iconsadrainbowdashplz:But that's just it! I changed my mind! I now realize what I'm doing is wrong!
:iconrookieedgeyplz: And so you confess?
:iconsadrainbowdashplz: You want me to confess, then fine! I'm not just trading a pony away! I'm trading MY FRIEND away for something far less value than her! That is why... I don't want this trade...
Collector: That... is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard... Okay, the trade is off!
:iconrookieedgeyplz:Not so fast. That still does not exempt you from your crimes unless you receive the princess' pardon.
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princess twilight sparkle icon ....



If the victim wishes to not press any charges against the defendant, then I'll shall devoid Rainbow Dash of all charges. The court is now adjourned...

|\     |  |^^^^| ------------      |^^^^^  |          |    |   |            -------------- \   /
|  \   |  |          |         |            |     ___   |          |    |   |                     |          \/
|    \ |  |          |         |            |          |   |          |    |   |                     |           |
|     \|  |_____|         |            |_____|   |_____|    |   |_____           |           |
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I actually was thinking something along these lines when I saw this episode x3
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