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[S04E20] Leap oF Faith

By vavacung
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Sometime the trust. Appeared in the late time...

MLP : S04E20

English Editor :

/Sorry for late. My computer just broke. So I have to use my brother's computer to draw. But I'm not familiar with it. It made my work slowly...
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well good thing in show is never go this way! but if be late to telling the true is will go this way!
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What I want to know is how the hell this popped up when I looked up "metal gear Rex."

Is there something you're not telling us?
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Noticed the cutie mark. Nice! Also AJ run.
NoradTwo's avatar
Metal... Gear?
shootsfired's avatar
I WAS IMAGINING something along super nova super sayian level
CookieMoone's avatar
Yay! Placebo effect !
RebornAnimalz's avatar
it does a certain extent. They have to know the limits
meiyeezhu's avatar
She said it SEEMS to work! She never said it ACTUALLY worked!
Partythrower's avatar
How are you having great imagination for comis? ;)
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Mmm...I don't know...Maybe because It's what my cutie mark is telling me...
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Sorry replied so late its because my mom took my computer for summer exams...........for revising.........
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I demand more information on the gray pony in the 1st panel! He has a mecha on is bum!
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He is just common background pony. Appeared only for this comic. Just don't interesting in him.
knightofolympus6's avatar
On the contrary, I think his being a Metal Gear Solid reference makes him very interesting.
Zalleus's avatar
Damn, I was hoping for pony mechas, but fair enough. Thanks.
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Alternative storyline, funny at AppleJack's expense.
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XD lol that's just, wow!
queencreeper13's avatar
Oh, greedy Applejack....
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Well,time to move to another city.
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