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[S04E18] Maud Pie

Life with Maud Pie

MLP : S04E18

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If there was an mlp game about idk a visual novel i wiuld buy it and play it till i die
tweedlebug123's avatar
This is so cute and silly. also I love the pic of her with Onyx, so cute <3
bruiser128's avatar
She leads a surprisingly interesting life in Geology.
shadowdeluna's avatar
Some how if they put this in the actual MLP show I would not be surprised.
It makes total sense
this comic sure ROCKS!!!
igneous-insight's avatar
0///0 hot Molten rock....
Minefan564's avatar
Rock rock rock rock rock rock
thetnknownbrony's avatar
okay how hard is maud pie into rocks anyway 
BluePeach14's avatar
Probably just as much Applejack is into Apples
Quick-5's avatar
Hey! It looks like we finally found a girlfriend for the Thing!
willo3's avatar
saber360's avatar
Uh... what's going on here exactly? :?
Nyerguds's avatar
It parodies Japanese dating sim games.
saber360's avatar
I thought so XD
Chaos51268's avatar
You had Maud on a freakin' Onix?  AWESOME!  I KNOW he'd be her favorite pokemon!
Maud: ...I'm not really a fan of Pokemon.
Just kidding around. Onyx is fitting...I'm just pointing out what she might say in that situation. :D
Chaos51268's avatar
Yeah, I realize.
spartanguy88's avatar
I bet her favorite wrestler/action movie star is Dwayne Johnson.
And her favorite actress is Kristen Stewart.
sweetymimy22's avatar
i think she is a lind of a hero . i mean she boxed this big rocke and saves her sister . and her houves was very fast . bit sie is i think a Little bit emo . thas not bad for me i want only that you know it
She would get along with the Flintstones.
ChaudStarpower's avatar
i would love to be with maud everyday :D
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