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[S04E17] Somepony to Watch Over Me

...As long as I live....

MLP : S04E17

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Actually yknow what? SWEET HOME ALABAMA

Twilight Sparkle: this isn't alabama, this is ponieville.

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What just happened
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Big Mac is so calm in this XD 
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Well that was random
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Applejack did say that she will always be by Applebloom's side. This isn't what she had in mind.
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Jejejejejej x'D
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Pffttttt, heck yes XD
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Well that escalated quickly!
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I guess Apples keep it in the family
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jajajajajajajajaajajajajajjaja! XD
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That lesbian incest ending! XD I think Applejack is regretting her words..
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Definitly regretting it xDD
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XD  Hah Applebloom! Her face is amazing! BOTH of theirs! XD
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