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[Reward] Trial Of Ice

"You must prove yourself that you worth to visit the castle of ice...Defeat me..." - Deer Of Ice, Velvet.

This is a reward art for Changeling's Sharpshooter class patron
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That freeze!!!!
Luckly this isn't an undertale world, or else there would be a risk that one of them wouldn't survive this trial.
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Very cool, as always.
That bow on Velvet's tail base. Love

The fight would be glorious. Or one sided, depending on how the Icy uses her ice magic.
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Your an ALICORN she's a deer

whats the worst that can happen?
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Who is the unicorn?
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ok. Who's the alicorn?
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Fictional character created by vavacung
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...... ok...... her name?
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I belive the Alicorn is named Blizzard .
(if the new owner of her didn't changed it)
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Ah I though her name was Velvet... I suppose that Velvet is the deer's name?
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Velvet ia the deer name confirmed.. according to some comments the alixorn name is Icy
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That my friend, is a mystery.
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Two worlds of four legged creatures, one in an age of peace, and the other in a near age of war
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interesting vavacung I love seeing other people ocs in your style
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The deer looks like a pokemon O_O
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Well, it is from "Them's fighting herds" and designed by Lauren Faust. Oddly enough it is the one who gets the most fanart, despite there being a freaking Dragon Horse in the cast.
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Does it count if I throw a wolverine at her and let that animal take care of the rest?
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