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[Reward] Training

"PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young apprentice”

This is a reward art for Changeling's battler class patron

4 naughty versions can be found early on Patreon
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Starlight: I can't believe this...
Twilight: That is why you fail.
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I wonder how heavy ponies truly are. For my headcannon I think they are about 100 kilo's, give and take a little. Maybe Applejack around 115 and Fluttershy about 85. Celestia is around twice the size of a normal pony but I don't think she is quite 8 times the weight. Her build is a lot thinner and more gracile so I think more like 5 to 6 times. Still that makes her around 550 kilo's which is the appropriate weight of a real life horse.
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she got a good point!
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not got celestia on her back!
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Starlight, your lack of faith, disturbing I find.
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Starlight looks fatter than Twi, from where I'm standing. ;P 
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From my point of view the Twilight is fatter!
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Twilight is anything but fat. Known fact; Starlight weighs more than Twilight. lol
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Twilight pulling a Yoda................. this doesn't work for me.
Klesk-Vadrigaar's avatar
Ugh, no Twilight that's the wrong order of words. It's 'Hey! Be glad that Celestia you do not have to carry around!'

Starlight, walk back to your starting point and let's try it again!
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Cause she a princess!
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I'm morbidly curious how could Twilight carry Celestia? I mean her flank is omega level seized mostly due to eating all of those pancakes. Then again why isn't Twilight's flank fat? She too does gorge herself with pancakes. Like teacher like student. :XD:
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Celestia weighs 3 times more than a pony.
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Yes, a Star Wars reference! With 4 naughty versions!
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It's not that fat.
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Twi: Celestia and I do the same, now it's my turn

Starlight: but because I? 
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