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[Reward] Star(light) War

"And that is how Princess Twilight Sparkle show them her dark side"

This is a reward for Changeling's battler class patron
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Get new table for Twilight must you. :)

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You’re in trouble
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Starlight: Oh Man, not good. if Twily sees this, im gonna get expelled from the Jedi Order.
I remember this scene!

It's the one where Twilight said "That's it, screw Celestia, Dark Side Here I COME!"
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Fury (my pony OC): This is why practice my magic (and lightsabers) OUTSIDE!
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why must they always have to practice near the Friendship Table?
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Because that table is the force.
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you think she not notice this? ok trixie you are more BAKA i think!
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just her friendship map table laser-buzzed in half
nothing super crystal glue can't fix

great roleplay btw
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Starlight-WE DEAD!
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I'm sure she will! 0_0
Uh oh the pinkies are coming run for you cakes!!
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Nah~! Just put a doily, a table cloth, or somethin' over it. It'll be fine! :3 :P
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So this is how Twilight Sparkle became a Sith.... upset over a Table!
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who doesn't like the clone wars (i miss this show ;-;)
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It's fine, that'll buff right out...  ^_^
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Depends on whether her face is glued to a new book or not.
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The Jibblies Emote Yes... very yes! 
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That's just awesome!
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Starlight looks like Anakin and Trixie looks like Ahsoka.
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