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[Reward] Scoota Geth

"You got  Scootabot 1 ea...."

This is a reward for one of my proto queen class patron :iconraile21:

//Dear sweet Celestia with Changeling's Queen on top!! This isn't pony at all!!!!! Someone just use a loophole in my "Not Draw" list to made me draw something that is pony but in the same time it's not...Owww....I wish I can put "Machine" in "Not Draw" list... TTwTT
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Well, she finally has her wings (even if they are cybernetic propulsors)
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That's interesting. The Gundam Kit I order is arriving the day after I saw this image.
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out of curiosity what would it take to have one these made
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It would take cash, not points and not request.

The answer to your question would be the link below, you have to contact the artist I commission this piece from.

It is available every month... if a slot happen to be open.…
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Okay thanks for that
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Complete set Cutie Mech Crusader:

1) Sweetie Geth - Sky Breaker platform…

Ground unit / Anti Air - Hydra Missile Launcher Pack

Exclusively ground units, these platforms hit hard, are fast and capable in taking heavy punishment due to the heavy armour and the caterpillar tread.
Against ground-based targets, it's directive is to tackle them and run them over before engaging in close-quarter combat.
Each missile lauched scores of fragmentation type micro-missiles midair, effective against lightly armored airborne targets such as griffons and pegasus.
The fragmentation shard filled a wide area of the sky with high-velocity metal shards at the moment of detonation, this has proven effective at clearing clusters of swarming airborne targets in an instant.

Inspired by: 
BuCue from Gundam Seed

2) Scoota Geth - Nova Striker platform…

Air unit / Anti Armor - Ragnarok Class Nuclear Lance

Specialised air units, these platforms are stealthy, fast, lightly armored and capable of devastating hit and run strikes due to the quiet minosky particles thrusters.
Nuclear lance emits a disruptive power field powered by a miniature nuclear core reactor, effective against heavily armored targets such as minotaurs and dragons. 
As a last resort, once the safety locks are manually overriden, lance became a torpedo capable of launching through the air. 
The lance then become a miniature nuclear rocket with enough power to devastate fortification the size of canterlot castle in an instant.

Inspired by: 
GN-XIII from Gundam 00

3) Apple Geth…

Space unit / Anti Personnel - Zap Apple Bloom Bits

Versatile units, these platforms are environmentally sealed and able to operate in ground, air, under-water and the void of outer space, they're fast, tactically adaptable and lightly armored able to engage lone heavily armored targets or groups of lightly armored targets.
Zap Apple Bloom Bits are highly maneuverable, autonomous, directed energy weapon drones capable of engaging multiple targets while avoiding strikes aimed at it.
The drones are controlled from the twin radar dish which sends transmission on target selection, the directed energy weapons have a fast rate of fire in order to overwhelm lone targets or engaging multiple targets at once.

Inspired by: Farsia from Gundam AGE

Note: This completed the machine set, no more machine pony will be commisioned for Nightmare Set in the future.

Nightmare set once completed will be able to be used as a poker card set, complete with Jack, Queen, King and Joker.

This has been a project of mine since last year and will benefit everyone in the fandom, myself and Vavacung only asks for recognition.

Please keep in mind that these cards are and will be available for free and in no way am I claiming profits or claims that any canon character adaption belongs to me, MLP and Transformers IP belongs to Hasbro. 

I own the 1st Nightmare card character though, that one is not canon.

I will request if Vavacung are able to make the back cover for these cards if at all possible, possibly something like the back cover for cardcaptors sakura.
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She looks like the GNX from Gundam 00
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Its a full plate mask.
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Looks like old one eye is playing around with the sigma's keys again. 
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First thought: Cool...
First word: What?
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The design for this is too badass and not enough of cute it seems.

Its difficult to mix badass and cute together in a balanced way.

Sonata is too sexy, this one is too badass.

Now I have the gauge to measure a balanced mix.
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I've seen badass cute. Recently actually, ever heard of the movie CHAPPiE? Cause I just watched it and it's amazing.
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I havent seen it, I'll put it in my watch list.

I'm thinking of incorporating the guristas logo from eve online as a symbol for the concept of mixing badass/cute for Nightmare. What's your opinion?
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I think I can't use google to find out what that looks like. =P
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Follow the link for Guristas logo:…

If you want to know more about the group behind the logo, follow the link:…
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Oooh I was reading guitar until now. =P

It doesn't really seem like a cute/badass logo, more just... neither(is one word that took me 10 minutes to think of).
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Very well, you have forced me to unleash weapon-grade cuteness.

Open this link to feel the burn of cuteness:…
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Loop holes are a b*tch!
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Why don't you put it in the Not Draw List?
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Because I still can draw machine. But not too complex.
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It's cool...but what the hell did scootaloo have a child with?!
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