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[Reward] OC in Volt Prime Suit

"This is Volt, a versatile warrior. Volt's arsenal is powerful and electrifying. Handle with care, pony"

Volt Prime is an armor from game Warframe…

This is a free commission reward for one of my proto queen class patron =>
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ImDontNeedHealing's avatar Fuck MLP its just gayish shit but work has been put into that so nice work
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I got back into the game and love it all over again. Heck I got Trinity Prime built at long last. So much fun!
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I love volt Prime; great work! ^-^
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This is so well done. Amazing job!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Mmm, love the armour.
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I want less groups of people that die fast and more single enemies that you have to truly fight.
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Then use the trinity warframe
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Yeah but then I have to go through the work of getting her. Also I don't know how she works so how's that work?
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That looks so cool!
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O.O wow. soooo freeking cool! Want to hug Volt!
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Now if there was only a mod in warframe that changed tenno for ponies .3.
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Now this is sooo cool
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Lol, a pegasus with an electrical horn ? Reminds me of a friend who called his OC "techno-horn" because of his electronic horn >.>
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