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[Reward] Nightmare Moon

"Beware the princess of the nightmare...."

me/ run away as far as I can

This is a reward for one of my proto queen class patron
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says the girl with the pistol thats designed after a pony thats made of fluff.

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Very good art. Antogonist subject is very good and wide topic for creativity. I thought by myself to draw something like that.
I hope I will see something similar to this from you in the future :)
Oh dear, Luna's dark side split from her
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she will always find you as fast as you fall asleep.
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so is she like….the leader of the inquisitors?
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No, there are 3 branches of the Inquisition and each are lead by an Inquisitor Lord.

One lord does not have authority over the other branch and all the Inquisitor Lord only answer to the Empress.

Another comparison would be the USA system of government, the executive, the judicial and the legislative branch which have and equal level of power and no authority over the other branch.
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i really like her choice of weapons. Flufflepuff hellpistol... thats scary XD
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*pulls out amulet* I guess this is a chance encounter but *turns in to Nightmare Form* I can't fight or let you get me yet* jumps high up and summons a phantom rail way, grinding on it*
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Inquisitors of Nightmare are divided into 3 branches, they are the Ordo Hereticus, Ordo Malleus and Ordo Xenos.

The basic understanding is Ordo Hereticus as 'Witch Hunters', Ordo Malleus as 'Demon Hunters' and Ordo Xenos as 'Alien Hunters'.

Each branch of the inqusition are tasked with different responsibilities as well as strengths catered to their specialized roles.

Below are the more in-depth explanation for the Ordo Malleus branch and of the leader of Ordo Malleus, Nightmare Inquisitor Nightmare Moon.


They are the guardians for the souls of the citizens, tasked with destroying the physical and spiritual manifestation of demons who seek to steal, influence or corrupt the souls of its citizens as well as monitoring thoughts and intents to ensure the purity of the soul.

The branch gained the title of 'Demon Hunters' because they hunt for demons within and without wherever they may be found, whether in the physical realm, or the spiritual realm which is accessible through dream realm.

The ability to walk within dreams exclusively belongs to the Ordo Malleus branch of the Inquisition.

Demons within are demons which have partially or fully possessed another living being and seek to bring more of its kind over to the physical realm. These types are harder to detect but guaranteed to be discovered when a member of Ordo Malleus dive into the living being dream during routine inspections.

Demons without are demons which have physically manifest fully by preying on souls of living beings, these include animals. These types are easy to spot but are more dangerous and harder to kill, but once these type manifest fully they are vulnerable because they can actually die. A being of energy cannot be destroyed, hence it cannot die. By manifesting as a being of flesh and blood it became mortal and thus can die.

All branches of the Inquisition have at their disposal the entirety of the fighting forces of the state which are available at that point of time, this includes any drones or warriors not in use by other branch of Inquisitions.

Cases of possession can be resolved by any member of Ordo Malleus by banishing them and severing the link, however this is only a temporary measure as they can attempt to make the link again. Only the leader of Ordo Malleus, Nightmare Moon, the Inquisitor have the ability to pull the demon through the link and seal them inside an orb. This orb is then purged of intent or the capacity for thought, for all purpose becoming a swirling mass of negative energy. These orbs can then be used as a power source or a powerful explosive in which the site of its detonation have to be purified afterwards by holy water and prayers.

The Inquisitor personal file:

Inquisitor Nightmare Moon wields two weapons, one for range and one for melee, she wears medium armour for a balanced protection and mobility.

In most cases, demons will always attack in melee, the Inquisitor will have to disable the beast by firing lasers at the eyes and parry or riposte by using her chainsword. Depending on the demon it can be a single large brute or a swarm of agile flyers, hence she need to be able to adjust tactic on the fly whether to brace against the fast light attack or dodging a monstrous strike.

The Fluffle Puff Hellpistol is a ranged weapon designed to spite demons, its lasers are powered with blue spectrum energy which can stop dead the intense energy of demons and effectively disperse it, the fluffy design are just icing on the cake to spite the demon by adding insult to injury.

The Chrysalis Chainsword are a bio-mechanical design from a native insect species, it carves flesh effectively and chewed up its remains. The backside of the chain sword is designed for blocking demonic claws or strikes before the parry leads to another opening where it can mangle corrupted flesh again.

The Inquisitor Nightmare Moon have made three pactio pacts with half of the Codes of Rebellion 'Rock On - Solitude', 'Marionette Heartstring - Obsession' and 'Deadly Hooves - Anger', each of them have their own methods and motivation to rid the world of demonic taints.

The common ability that they have is dream diving into a living being's dream in order to banish, purify or purge souls.

In some cases the Inquisitor have  worked together with Ordo Hereticus but so far never with Ordo Xenos as their timetables are polar opposites of each other.

Nightmare Moon is a little jealous sometimes, because of being nocturnal, she has missed a lot of social events and gatherings.

However she can be grateful because all Ordo Malleus members are also nocturnal and facing the same issue have forged a bond  to become a very close-knit group. The internal supports the members show each others are unmatched anywhere else.

Her favourite dish is grilled salmon squeezed with lemon juice and topped with rocket salad.

She knows she can be a troll but not as bad as Daydream Sol, she knows she can be demanding but not as bad as Mi Lussuria Cadenza.

At the end of the day she is certain the Empress can rely on her the most.
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So celestia and Luna inquisitor. i take it Faust is God Empress of pony kind.
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The design is completed, not submitted yet pending payment going through.

I would say the actual work will be completed by this week but the public will not see it until next week.

I won't say who will come out or in what pattern as I set three in a set for a theme and then do a new theme for the next set.

I can say I will not copy the Emperor outfit though as that would be too obvious.
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No one expects the Nightmare inquisition
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Too much Warhammer...
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"In the grim darkness of the 41st millenia…

They are only barns..."

Warhamare 40.000. Your argument is invalid.
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Huh, I wonder how Maka and Soul Eater would look like as ponies... Curse my having no funds! :angry:

Great Artwork btwClap 
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HAHAHAHA MAHAHAHAHA..... damn it looks like ill be sculpting another pony for my 40k army.....
is it right that "ordo malleus" is a demon hunter power?
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Yes, that is the basic definition.

For a more comprehensive lore please follow the link below:…
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NOBODY expects the inquisition!!!!!
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Nightmare Moon grin "My chief weapon is surprise! Surprise and fear- Two weapons! Surprise, fear and ruthless efficiency- THREE weapons..."
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This is so Badass!!
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