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[Reward] Night howlers

"Monster must understand each other"

This is a reward for Changeling's Airship Captain class patron =>
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Looks like the Timberwolf ate a flashlight with the beam of light coming from its mouth.
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Badass pony badass pet.
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i suddenly have the urge to play the soundtrack for the ocarina of time
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A beautiful song together, perhaps? :meow:
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The night lives on!!!
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Wow this is beautifully done, great work.
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That looks actually pretty awesome. :la:
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This is awesome!
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That's very awesome and cool, make more photos of the stallion and the wolf!
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Very nice picture! This picture really shows how much your skills are growing. It is very detailed and I love how you use darker colors that are still pastel like. The timber/dragon is one of my favorite characters that you have created.  :) 
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the Pony Boy Looks handsome :3 :lovely: 
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I am literally speechless, this is just so amazing
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You must understand with another, to know the pain you been through together
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Amazing. by Insert31990  

This picture turns out well and the concept is solid, background colouring has that soft glow which different shades instead of feeling monotonous.

Characters are well-drawn and detailed especially the timber wolves.

This picture tells a story without needing to say anything.

Certainly one of your better work.

Star Wars BB-8 Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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Kinda reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
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Makes me think of this song a bit: Werewolves of London
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wow... this is gorgeous.
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