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[Reward] Misstress Ecstacy

"Do you want to enhance some passion?"

This is a reward for 3rd winner of my fiction contest :

Contest can be found here =>…
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7u7 7u7

*Molestia aproved*
Astrobronie's avatar
Sex Toy Enchanter jajajaja......... why? :( 
RaveYard's avatar
"Sex Toy Enchanter"

KittyCutieMeow's avatar
(Hypno Love): That's my kind of pony! :love: 

(Slimy): ... okay? Huh? 
GreyNimbus's avatar
I think she would look so much better with eye shadow.
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
Hmm... Surprised you didn't put a little more make-up on her, like red lipstick and some eye shadow, giver her a more intimidating and sexy look.
JonnDrakea's avatar
lol best occupation ever
johnp580's avatar
0_0... Nose bleed rocket. KO. Cause of death... Awesome pony pic.
DragonFUA11's avatar
yea I'd Molestia icon  that.
SKULLZ-is1's avatar
This job does sound fun though
StardustAstro's avatar
all i gotta say is SOCKS 
tyruvelp's avatar
check your eyes, those are NOT socks
latex comes to mind though 
StardustAstro's avatar
Phoenix-Mask's avatar
Looks really nice. With that talent she sure must be busy
Krisisis's avatar
Haha, sex toy enchanter XD
Haven't thought of that, but it's a great idea^^

thx sissyfox
Waltervd's avatar
the only thing i can say is that the female gender thingy in the CM is a bit unnoticeable due to the pink

but it looks awesome :D
kevin110197's avatar
Dat plot!!! *heavy breathing*
R-Doll's avatar
She's sexy 0///0
julian0123's avatar
Really beautiful :wow:
LARS777's avatar
The legendary mistress of the Underworld of Equestria
Jycrow's avatar
I wonder how she find out her talent.
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