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[Reward] Minna Mamoru

"A cutie mark of protector"

This is a reward art for Changeling's Proto-Queen class patron…
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Shining Armor has fangs... yikes, he's an omnivore
templar127's avatar
You go Shining!
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Now we see how Shining Armor got his cutie mark!
Is. . .is he protecting a stereotypical neck beard pony?
taiyou-burst's avatar
kinda looks like a ponified version of Shotaro from Kamen Rider W to me
karkovice1's avatar
Shining Armor, standing up for the little guy. :)
jimmyinwhite's avatar
Nice origin art.
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Ironically, that would be the only pony Shining would successfully protect. Everything else pretty much goes down hill after that...
he wears a fadora! he must die!
tigreanpony's avatar
Nice, Glimmering Shield (or Rule 63 shining armor) how she got her cutie mark, very nicely done. Or it could be Shining armor just very hard to tell if he was drawn as a stallion or a Mare in this picture, still a wonderful picture.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
I do believe that batpony has a name or that I'm thinking of a different person due to the uncanny resemblance.
dasweer1's avatar
i think his name is Shadow Dash! here the link: [Reward] Shadow Dash by vavacung
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Yup. I'm definitely thinking of a different person. Thanks though.
Gorehound49's avatar
I can easily see this being how Shining got his mark.
foldabotZ's avatar
Makes the most sense that he had gotten his Cutie Mark protecting someone.
longbonker17's avatar
changling: " thanks, but now that I've caught my breath, I don't think that will be necessary." *attaches lost driver* "henshin." *inserts skull memory* "now, count up your sins!"
CaptainRose35's avatar
Yes! Finally! I'm not the only one who thinks that!
longbonker17's avatar
heh; I wonder if they'll actually draw that?
CaptainRose35's avatar
Who knows? I like Kamen Rider but I'm more of a Sentai girl more specific a Gokai girl 
longbonker17's avatar
yeah, kinda noticed. but riders are more diverse in the forms they take, but the lack of a mech isn't uncomfortable. that said I do have my own ideas for riders.
CaptainRose35's avatar
Lack of mech in rider is the reason I'm more of a sentai fan
longbonker17's avatar
true; but they do have their moments. to be fair, I cooked up a rider a while back that's basically a human- scale super robot, and have been telling it to this guy on you tube. I haven't added more for a while now, so I wonder what he's been doing; it's hard getting myself to do more...
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