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[Reward] Master And His Companion

"Space Ninja ready for duty"

This is a reward for Changeling's Colony Master class patron
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If you ever do one of Nidus, would he be a tatzlpony?
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YaY! Prisma Palatine skin for Rhino!
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I almost feel bad saying this, but this is without a doubt the best Warframe pony picture ever made.
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And are cyborgs , too?

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Oh dude I really love the styles of their armor, especially the colors, so beautiful!
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I have no idea what it is at all but I love it.
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Warframe Kubrow!
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IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL  this.....this is.......THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!   
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A Prisma Pendragon Excalibur and his Loyal Kubrow. A Rather Nice scene.
Wow that look awsome
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No golden Lotus? I'm disappointed :P
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I should play it some more, but it's only fun with others around :)
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The armor tho o3o
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OoO shiny armor, pretty 
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Thats what I was going to say :3
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