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[Reward] Mare Of Tank

"In the very far future where Equestria at war and magic isn't enough."

This is a reward art for the winner of this auction =>…

This character official belong to =>

PS. Naughty version can be found in Patreon
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Why does this exist?
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But is she a total robot or a full-body cyborg?
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She is just carrying the armor
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DAYAM, she's awesome! great art, vavacung!
idk but this reminds me of war thunder. T-34-85 for the win. X3
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Very unique idea.
CMoney31's avatar
F*ckin' Boss!...

Ey, b0ss vavacung? Would you care if a character of mine made one of these?
TrackerBoss's avatar
I think she can be a perfect allie for my OC.
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so..are tank ponies some kind of rank or something?
I think they are artificial ponies made to look like tanks.
looks like fallout
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Oh she backfired  hihihi....
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But my question is
can it transform? 
ayujih's avatar…

Vavacung made the transformation pic here, enjoy!
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"Arm Slave..."
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This is the weirdest OC.
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:o (Eek) That isn't a tank......Oops! It's a TRANSFORMER!!!
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You should do a whole tank squad because this is so Awesome!
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Damn #vavacung. This piece is heavily awesomised! Well done /)
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"ponies and Pazner."
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