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[Reward] Mamoru

"Don't worry my friends. I will be your shield."

This is a reward art for Changeling sharpshooter class patron
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"But, today IS a good day to die! I heard that on Star Trek..."
Kyoshyu's avatar
Pretty bad weather out there... :)
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done.
Sammifox32's avatar
Isn't that the young queen on the bottom
That cutie mark gives me Freedom Planet vibes.
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"Heroes never die."
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Unkownbrony52's avatar
I really love the atmosphere here. Fantastic job.
kriscrafton's avatar
Damn I love your art style. Though, that changeling on bottom looks really, I'm probably losing it.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Interesting scenario
Is she a hybrid of a pony and a dragon or is she another type
Raykiller567's avatar
we will not survive with that attitude 
undeadking243's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous.
ONGCON's avatar
Hi Vavacung! I really love your work and finally find you here today!!!(*applause*) Do you still remember your dojinshi of Filly Fooling and Rumble? I love it BEST!!! Hoping you have a wonderful life,thinks!
(Sorry,my English is not very good>~<)
R-Doll's avatar
Heroic posing and protectiveness
Nice touches of fuzz
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
You really are doing a great job with the fluff, looks good. Keep it up. :D
Makenshi179's avatar
Watashi wa mamoru... or "I'll protect you", if I'm getting this right :D
treeshacloud's avatar
I more like the original art without fluff
Zeropony55's avatar
really like the fluff you doing Vavacung, great artwork :v
LW9510's avatar
Pretty neat work here
TheDarkPhoenixQueen's avatar
Is she a new kind of Crystal Pony? 0_o
julian0123's avatar
What's with the tail?
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