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[Reward] Little Kindness

"The bitterness and pain inside, Countless tears I had to cry, I was facing all my fears, Just to let you in. To dry my tears, "

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This is a reward for Changeling's Proto Queen class patron
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This reminds me of a fic I read a while ago, I think it was 'the monster under the bed', filly invites a changeling to be her monster under her bed to scare away her 'monster in the closet'. Both that and this are VERY cute ^_^
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Thank you for drawing this, it's beautiful and reminds me of something awfully depressing.

But it also reminds me that a little kindness can go miles so thank you.

Please never stop drawing.
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For some reason, I'm reminded of that one Spongebob scene from "Can You Spare A Dime?"
i saw the hole in the box between them and I thought she was throw a rock at him. 
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Oh! I'm crying Waaaah! 
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Its the same filly from the last one, also YES YESYES YES YES YES more of this changeling YES! I would love to see where this goes. Also wonder how the parents will react
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No it's not...the mane doesn't match...
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your right it doesnt, however lighting and stuff may be the cause, same headphones, same coat color, no cutiemark, we could debate for about five minutes till we both run out of points, and agree, or agree to disagree
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Wow! You'd think that after he broke the ice(no pun intended) with Princess Cadence, Thorax would have a room at the Crystal Palace, at least.
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that isnt thorax, different changeling
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They all look the same to me. :P
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they look the same to everybody, buddy
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Aww! He needs all the hugz and cookies he can get!
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What a nice pic QQ
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Damn it! They don´t do the carton boxes like in the old times!

Before you can have a family of changeling living in one for three generations and the box still was in good conditions!
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Terra; AWWWWWWWW *hugs*
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Thorax for sure
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