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[Reward] Gunner In The Box

"Beware suspicious cardboard in the middle of badlands"

This is a reward art for Changeling Sharpshooter class patron
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oh, here's a video with a similar gag:…
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"Okay, HOOVES in the air!" =P
But then he would be on his back
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"Then keep you ass up and head down with your hooves on your head"
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*One lewding montage later*
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Ha this game (good times).
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This little scene is already a lot funny
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Changeling #2: Sir think I ...

Diamond dog: You move he dies.

Changeling #1: Run you fool!

Changeling #2: (click)…

Announcer: The enemy has been spotted in sector 5 all units to battle stations. This is not a drill.

Diamond dog: $%^@
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DD: Ah. Right. Err.. *looks at list of lines*
Changeling: *slowly sneaks off*
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Ehhhnemy Sighted!
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That is quite good, love your rendition of Snake ponified.
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Did the changeling just poop a cactus? Must Know Lyler. Rock 2  
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clever mutt
nobody would suspect cardboard box maneuver in the middle of nowhere
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Quick! Shoot a tranq in the butt!!
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I think that's a lethal one.
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That remember me a match of Call of Duty Ghosts
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It's a Metal Gear V reference.
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That looks like a tranqualizer gun
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Just turn ingo him and then raise your handa
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