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[Reward] Danganronpa: Analysis is Despair - UnovaB

"........I don't know what to say" - Loveless Nova who never watch Danganronpa.

This is a free commission reward for one of my proto queen class patron =>…
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We need all the characters now...and watch/play the game itttts amaaazing!
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Makoto Naegi (Objection) [V2]  SORE WA SHIGAU YO! 
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Omg i love this game ;u;
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Oh this is nice I love the detail here
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this is so awesome I have watched the anime and played the game I love Danganronpa
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I'm so glad i know what this is!
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If you want to learn the origins of the image, look at Animewolfgamer's fan-fiction based on the Danganronpa series fused with the characters that are featured in the Rift Cafe and the reviewer/analyst/artist community. In it, I am the main protagonist and watch as the fanfic goes into topics of the vices of online interaction and see a budding hope arise in the midst of this death game.…
Recommended is you start at the prologue but only after looking at all of the character portraits with their special talents revealed since the fanfic doesn't describe the characters in their looks so that is what you are going off of.
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hah, oh my gosh, the references. xD they're over... 8,000. xD
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So fucking awesome. 

:iconglitzyglam101: thought you would like to see this ;) 
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This really does look awesome.
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THE GAME WAS FREAKING AMAZING. For a big fan like my the pictuer is amazing. But to be honest it kinda more like Phönix Wright. Just saying
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The only reason I got the reference here, it's because my brother watched it X3
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Haven't seen the show yet too. Still, great pic :)
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I have not seen that show neither... so yeah! nice drawing XD
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