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[Reward] Changeling's Throne Room

"Give me an order and I will do my best"

This is a discount commission reward for one of my warrior class patron =>
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So many Crystal :3
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I like how the ungerground hive has combination of both natural look but also some built look as well. To me i think changelings undergoind hives have combination of both a natural caves, tunnels, and openings but some built in as well as some stone or sturdy artifcial construct of sorts. I think you know what i mean ^^
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"Go to the restaurant in Ponyville and bring me a large hayburger with double cheese, a large portion of fries and a big milkshake....oh, and an apple turnover."
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"Dance for me fool!"
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es muy bueno y no olvides de HUMANOS Y PONYS
:icondarthvaderplz: "What is thy bidding, my master?"
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Very cool, I really like how you set up your World Building, nicely done.
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Chrys, Tiberium is not a healthy crystal to have decorating your palace, get rid of it quick before you mutate or worse.
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Those green crystals remind me of Command and Conquer... Changelings are Tiberium mutants!
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Was going to say the same xD
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Chrysalis (Happy) Plz  "We will not be FORGOTTEN!"
The-Cheeze-Ity's avatar
This is pretty damn sweet. Looks like home.
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Well, this is cool. Does your headcanon include rival changeling hives? If so my Shadow Hive could be a rival to your hive.
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Very simple armor I notice. Love how thenkneeling one has a full cloak and mantle though. Very Record of Lodoss War.
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Looks a lot better then the Throne Room in Equestria, i'm sure the Royal Sisters would be jealous
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Spike probably ate them
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