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[Reward] Changeling's Diplomat Journey 01

Many of you young nymphs were not around to see the hive as it was before, but it wasn’t anything like it is now. It wasn’t brightly lit, or very expansive, even our numbers were very small back then…The hive she inherited was a mess, and even as she worked to increase the love we gathered, I knew that she needed more in order to survive. I could see her weariness, trying to make another hive decision that she didn’t like, it pained me to see her so tried…So I finally stopped being silent that day, and asked what troubled her.

Your Queen I admit, was a little startled, but her response was as brave as ever and said she was fine. I didn’t relent, I broke my silence to aid her, and I simply had to help her with her troubles. With a sigh, she admitted that she was considering opening the hive to the outside races in order to attract love freely to the hive. But she worried about who to send, as it was common for many Changelings to naturally be secretive from other races. I knew what I was going to say next, but I hesitated, for I knew if I offered, I would have to give up the safety and protection of the hive…But as I stood there in silence, she sighed again and turned away to return to work as I had given her no response.

Without even thinking, I offered myself as that one who she could count on, and before I could even regret my decision, her faced warmed with a smile, and asked me to follow her into the royal meeting room, where she instructed me to wait. When she returned, she had brought along the two oldest Proto-Queens, Nimbleness and Eagerness. The others were only young nymphs just like yourselves and were not ready to partake in such royal observations as was about to occur.

With the oldest Proto-Queens as witnesses, the Queen asked me to kneel before her and presented me with a rather sturdy yet worn cloak. She apologised for the age and state of it, but it would keep me warm and dry, as it had for the scouts that wore it before, and would show the other races that we were but a humble race looking for peace. And with that she decreed me as her representative diplomat of the Changelings for the other races, clicking around my neck a love crystal necklace, wishing that it would keep me fed on my travels, and that I would gather the love of the other races within it.

As I looked up, she asked me what my chosen name would be as changeling ambassador, as Changeling 79 wasn’t very memorable. I had considered my personal feelings, and the new duties bestowed upon me, and decided upon calling myself Silent Counsel. For it was who I was before, and who I must be now for the hive, and my Queen.

This is a reward for my official proofreader. The story was provide by the proofreader himself.
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