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[Reward] Changeling Guard

"What's wrong? Why did you you stop? Never seen Changeling guard the door before? Move in quickly now, pony. You blocked the way...Move in now...I'm not decoration for you to watch...Please stop looking at me and just walk in...I will get in trouble if I am the one who cause a traffic jam...please, I don't want to got fired in my very first duty...I beg you, please just walk in..all of you... *Sniff* *Sniff*"

This is a discount commission reward for one of my warrior class patron =>
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poor  guard, just like pease they looking for a reason to fire me, please dont give them one.
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Awesome, cute and friendly ^w^, don´t worry buddy, you won´t be fired * turns invisible with a invisibility spell * pretend im not here ;D
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Awesome and cute!
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it looks awesome :D
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But you're so cool to stare at!
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Why is he sniffing?
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He’s nervous, first day jitters, and he’s sensitive, he is the first of his kind to hold the post at this palace. He will make it.
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awww he look so cute <3
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hopefully Hasbro make it Changeling so cool like that 
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Yay! A changeling picture. I love changelings no matter what hive they are from, they are also very cool.
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Cool. I like your changelings, i liked the ones you made in one comic where celestia fell in love woth chrysalis, sort had mystical arabian look to them. Least think what looked to. Me ^^
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Glad to know Changeling get love in your gallery. You make them look so awesome.
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Awwwwww. =< *guides the crowd of ponies along* Sorry about that, keep up the good work cutey. ^_^
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i always love the way you design/draw armor !
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