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[Reward] Black Or A White

"Do you ever have some doubt in your way of life"

This is a free commission reward for one of my sharpshooter class patron =>
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this reminds me of something.......avatar that one episode where they try protect the black & white catfish then the avatar becomes a giant fish and wrecks the fire kingdom
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I feel like this should be a reference to something.
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The black and white, and the most interesting things come from the gray.
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*sniff* *sniff*
What smells like symbolism in here?
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why is there a knife tied to his horn?
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Very cool I like how you incorperated the Ying and Yang
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I like the conceptual contrasts and elements. Light here and dark there but both intertwined. 
Life is st
range sometimes. 
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And all of a sudden you made it relate to one of my favorite Pokemon games. Dang it, Vavacung. You spoil me with these happy accidents of brilliance.
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