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[Reward] Battle Between Bat X Bug

"Battle against true soldier..."

This is a discount commission reward for Changeling's Warrior class Patron
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but they are both adorable babs ;-;
W0nderbolts's avatar
changeling wins obviously
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This should be good. :)
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Does some MLP writers watching your deviantion...?
Last episode is too appropriate with….
BBBHuey's avatar
"Take THAT, you disgusting HORSE-FLY!"

"Who are you calling a horse-fly, you... you NIGHTMARE!"

"I'm a DUDE!"

"Are you sure?"
Kyoshyu's avatar
...pffthahaha! :D
MakasuBichi's avatar
Do you do speedpaints? I'd love to watch!
vavacung's avatar
Sorry, I can't do it. I'm not that type of artist who can draw artist continually from scratch till finish in one shot...I normal play game or watch anime to take break when I'm done with each stage, sketch, line art, character painting, background painting .
MousseTrap567's avatar
Ah, some of my two favorite creatures in MLP. I really hope we'll get more lore and stories involving the changelings and bat ponies. Especially the bat ponies.
sapphire475gs's avatar
Cold Steel Sergeant's Halberd versus some tactical war hammer.  War hammers are generally a favorable match-up for halberds due to their superior range.  That bat is fast.
templar127's avatar
On a silly idea of mine thestrals an changelings are natural enemyes.
ThunderDash123's avatar
again with the great art, keep up the work
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Soul calibur: equestria!
tigreanpony's avatar
Very cool, love your fight scenes.
It only a matter of time till they engage in hoof to hoof combat
firecharge44371's avatar
Umm, changeling magic
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It's so awesome! Clap 
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Battle Bug
new Ponemon XD 
but anyway nice drawing
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This is really neat looking, I love the play with blur effects to give a sense of speed and action. Personally I think that is pretty hard to pull off, but it looks just gorgeous here.
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