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[Reward] Angel of Death

"You will no longer suffer anymore. My little pony. Come with me. I will guide you to the heaven"

This is a free commission reward for one of my proto queen class patron =>
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Princess Angel or something? XD
This is really good.
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Is the other pony Morning Sunrise?, It looks really familiar.
MynameisPoon's avatar
It's just me or she look like celestia?
12WingsIsrael's avatar
A Celestia counter-part? Nice...
Lavamoon0's avatar
she is beautiful 
sir-digs-alot's avatar
No need to fear for, an angel of death she may be, but still an angel.
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Come, Wayward Souls,
Who wander through the darkness,
There is a light
For the lost and the meek.
Sorrow and fear are easily forgotten
When you submit to the soil of the earth.
Flameswirl's avatar
she is a stunning character. what would be interesting to see is a side to side of her two personalities
Kyoshyu's avatar
Hmm, interesting.
comic-maker-17's avatar
the angel of death looks scarier then nightmare moon. 
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Reminds me a bit of Aria, the forgotten unborn princess in "Background Pony"... which I cannot recommend reading if you prefer being happy.
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Aka the alicorn of spooky
Cylestea's avatar
Spooky? i hope you had yourself a pure life or you will SEE spooky
jyroman53's avatar
Actually I didn't :icon2spooky4meplz:
Cylestea's avatar
Oh well turn in next month to see  what spooky can BE. bwhahahahhaha
Cylestea's avatar
[Reward] Devil of Death by vavacung  see what you shall face now
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You're welcome. ^^
CrouchingAllosaurus's avatar that Sunset Shimmer?
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