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[Reward] Alone In The Cold

"The one coldest night of Hearth's Warming Eve for one exile Changeling"

This is a reward art for  Changeling's proto queen class patron

Continue of => [Commission] Not One Of Us by vavacung
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*heartbrakingnoise* hnnnnnnnn ;n; i knuw how ya feel
W0nderbolts's avatar
what the hell man!!!
springheel's avatar
You have a home with us,
shadowzero20's avatar
Takes changeling in and treats like part of the family. (More of exile please! ^^)
Lord-Typhon's avatar
I know I would invite the changeling in.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Now I want to adopt that changeling, poor fella
Time2TravelEr's avatar
I feel so awful for the changeling.
IronYoke1979's avatar
*sniffles* I know that feelings
Kyoshyu's avatar
R-Doll's avatar
*sighs* That's sad
Go on little changeling

It be best to move on, lingering there won't do you much good since it's cold
Also I'm not sure if you could feed off a little from the love through a closed window :'i
templar127's avatar
NUU! Dat Changeling needs a HUG! And hot cocoa! :(
firecharge44371's avatar
It would be a shame
hunterandspyro's avatar
Poor thing i feel bad for the guy now.
HunterBrony101's avatar
I smell fanfiction. 
Animatorsnake's avatar
This very sad, a cold lonely night for one changeling
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
aww poor lil fella
samuraivalerie's avatar
i want hug him, I hug him? please?
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FRIEND711's avatar
Hey, changeling....come with me. Ill give you some love for you to eat ;3
pakarirbx's avatar
"Dude, let me in. I'm a fairy..

Don't you believe in fairies?"
MoiraWillenov's avatar
Awww.... I'd let the buggy in. :C
karkovice1's avatar
Now where's this family's Hearth's Warming Eve spirit? :P
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