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[Reward] Adorable Maid

"It's a trap!!"

This is a reward for former Changeling's Sharpshooter class patron…

2 Naughty version can be found early on Patreon
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longshotswiftshadow's avatar
Dwwww so much cuteness
DeathDealer808's avatar
I wish I had the flash for the guy in Star Wars who say its a trap
Kyoshyu's avatar
Adorable, yes.
CyberChangeling's avatar
I love this trap! 😍
KarmaNeutral's avatar
" adorable trap!" GIF Steven Universe - This face... 
DragonLord-Frunn's avatar
Well... I won’t deny the adorable part...
jonathangm's avatar
My my she/he/it/whatever gender is very cute
(Wouldn't mind it being a toaster}
templar127's avatar
Trap or not trap?

That's the real question!!
yeen125's avatar
"Dude looks like a lady."
yeen125's avatar
It's a reference to Aerosmith.
gundamfan2's avatar
love it and it's cute
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CyberChangeling's avatar
So cute! What do you mean it's a trap?
RageSamuraiX's avatar
Maid is my favourite outfit when having sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
karkovice1's avatar
She's got a peeping Tom. =P
lolly-creepypasta's avatar
awwww she is so cute
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