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Rainbow Dash the bride

A picture for my visual novel game "The Unexpected Love Life Of Little Changeling" It's dating simulation game that I was made by myself alone. A big project of mine. This is a picture for one in many ending scene of Rainbow Dash story.
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Rainbow looks so beautiful..! I love the rainbow ribbons on her dress, and I especially love her glove design! Really like the pose she's in, seeing her like this gives me life!

Where can I play the game?

vavacung si lees este mensaje. ¿vas a usar este diseño para tu proyecto actua o vas hace un nuevo diseño?

vavacung if you read this message. Are you going to use this design for your current project or are you making a new design?

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Pretty rainbow dash bride picture well done
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looks perfecrly on my ipad and iphone. Poor i cannot use it normally as pc wallpaper
vavacung's avatar
Too small? Awwww. So sorryyyy.
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i dont find the game.
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even in a wedding dress she still looks awesome !
FoxfangJohn0056's avatar

Just, Wow.

Dashie looks amazing.
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Says both beautiful and "do not f**k with me" at the same time. Awesome!
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well, I have said this to all my friends, I would never marry or date any of the main six, but after seeing this I would have to reconsider. 
jyroman53's avatar
Is that a wedding dress ?
Wait why Am I in a tuxedo ?
Why is everypone lookin at me and rainbow ?
*brain finished processing*
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I can't wait to see it!
abzde's avatar
Wow! Rainbow Dash looks amazing!
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Aww, isn't she precious? I love the design of the 'glove' thing on her hooves. It works!
novastar04's avatar
married with..................................................................who?
Nikary's avatar
novastar04's avatar
the husband is a changling?
Nikary's avatar
The husband is the player, obviously.
novastar04's avatar
who is the player
Nikary's avatar
Whoever plays the game, obviously.
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