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[Poster(?)] Luna And Fakestia

Luna : I fall in love with my sister. Without knowing that she isn't my real sister....Now I don't know who I fall in love with anymore...Celestia or Changeling who disguise as my sister...

1 of 3 posters for my comic "When Villain Win" :…

As first I thought I will made and sell it in "Thailand Pony Con". But I'm just too lazy now...
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(Luna had a private meeting with Twilight)

Luna: "Twilight I think I am falling for my sister."

MLP Twilight Sparkle (Sad) Plz: "Yeah sorry but that's not your sister it's actually aj's husband Chang. Celestia had sent me a message that she have moved to the changling kingdom to live with and rule alongside Chrysalis. She also said in her message that the reason she didn't want anypony to know was because she did'nt want anypony to panic over the fact she left her duties"

princess Luna: "Oh I am fine with that but I will ask for Aj and his consent for a three-way relationship. Since polygamy isn't really outlawed in Equestria. Nor will I have any plan to outlaw it because I have respect for everypony's sex life."
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Raiden changeling is best changeling! :D
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I would want this poster
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Maybe she instinctively realized that the raider's not her real sister. \_0.0_/ 
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Love the mgr reference.
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Make it a comic
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Luna, trust me when i say this, Love is like a railcoaster ( is that how is it spelled?, Writting in English is not my forte XD, specially since i have errors on some letters ), but only time and your own heart can tell you the path forward. (I loved the details on the changeling, nicely done my friend ^^ )
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A short comic about their relationship is recommended.
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aw poor Luna her love isn't going to be returned is it ? :(
PLEASE let this be a thing.
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How did Luna knows that Celestia is actually a changeling and how did Luna fall in love with her/him?
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This would make a very good laminated bookmark!
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amazing art; interesting plot
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incest... really?
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It's not really incest, given that the Celestia in question is not the real one,  but Luna does not know it...which leads to conflicting feelings.
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It still would've been nice either way. :D
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I would like to see that comic. 
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Is this going to become a comic? Please say it will be.
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I hope they'll be a sequel about Raiden and Luna
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