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[Poster(?)] Celestia And Chrysalis

Chrysalis : 2 season ago. I invaded her kingdom. 2 season later, she invaded my kingdom and my heart.

1 of 3 posters for my comic "When Villain Win" :…

As first I thought I will made and sell it in "Thailand Pony Con". But I'm just too lazy now...
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When the seduction worked a little bit too well for comfort
Cliff-Robotnik's avatar
That feeling when you accidentally seduce the Sun Goddess, and she will not let you leave her.
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Nice. The look on Chrysalis is priceless!!!
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Trust me Chysi, when Celestia have Those kind of eyes... saying "no" is not part of the conversation O///O (Still i find this poster cute ^W^, and the details on crysalis dress are amaizing, however, also i noticed Celestia armor changing to black to match crysalis coat color, excelent image my friend )
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Those bedroom eyes are really effective in making Chrysalis blush.
Ashes55's avatar
cute! that chrissy face X)
Lakword's avatar
I normally dont care much for those kind of pictures but this one is jsut so amazing and cute ^^
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ADD to Chrysalis X Celestia,

This Ship just too rare, We need band us up and show selfs
DragonMan200's avatar
Chrysalis has a look that screams: I NEED AN ADULT!!!!
Killed2013's avatar
Well, shoot! Just when the shipping powers was activated... (CHRYSATIA FOR WIN!)
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What's all this then?
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After playing in System Shock i see now in ChrysalisxCelestia-S.H.O.D.A.NxG.L.A.D.O.S.
Now it's even greater.
Infrasonicman's avatar
Quite cute =p... still makes more sense than dislestia XD
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