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[Ponified] Stalker The Punisher

"There is no salvation for your crime"

My archenemy in Warframe. Sometime I run. Sometime I fight. Sometime I died. Sometime he died...

Stalker :…

PS. Alternate version can be found in Patreon
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I always die if I fight him by myself.
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"That Warframe... looks *wheeze* so *wheeze* slippery~!"
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You missed his despair kunais
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This bastard and his new Oberon-style powers. Thankfully, I rarely find him without a gun or melee weapon that can take him down quick. Sadly, he seems to be scared of me and hasn't come out in ages. Bonus points if I'm carrying one of his own stuff at the time he does appear, too - they work quite well against him.

Good work with the design here, though. It does look quite representative of him. Good job with the light effect and the shading on the dark background and main body.
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Stalker is "easy", hit and run. Especially runs. And I have to say Warframe converted pony look great.
So...How annoying is it going to be to scan him for when we are going to have to scan him for Synthesis?

(You know it's going to happen)
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PTSD Triggered.
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It's been really a LONG while since I last played WARFRAME, I should play it a bit again but I've got nobody to play with ... :( (Sad) 
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Same for me. .-.
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And also I didn't play it for a long time because I had the best weapons in the game, practically everything level up max + ameliorate with potato, finished every single planet a hundred times (except the thing in space where you fly) ... pretty boring arriving at this point ...
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I've played to it only one or two hours before formating my hdd, and I never took the time to play to it again since that time. >.>
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Sounds a bit confusing, is he a stalker or is he a punisher??? "Stalker the Punisher" does he kinda, like, uhh....Stalks people and Punishes them by doing something he doesn't wanna see???
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ouaw nice work :D
do you play Warframe on pc ?
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Stalker's a jerk, but that Dread is SO WORTH IT!!!
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Oh! Love the evil look!
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Wow, you've really done the Stalker justice...

Though once you break out the max rank Jat Kittag with Blast proc and your max ranked, fully Forma'd Oberon, he's gonna be twitching on the ground wondering what da hek just happened.
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Honestly, it's hard to fear him this way. He's just too cute. I want his darn melee weapon though... and his secondary. I've already gotten the Dread twice and want the rest of the set.
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That is totally awesome! ^^
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Nice job on it, I haven't had time to play warframe and my gear is so outdated.
Which version? PC PS4 or Xbox one?
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