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[Pay What You Want] SECOND WORLD VOL. 7

The seventh pack of Second World series. With all Comic , Picture series, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Mini-Animations, Naughty young queen log and standalone art that normally for Patreon members!

Contents : (18+ Warning!!)
- [Comic] Crazy Alternate Future 3 : Science and Magic [Alternate Dawn(Male Unicorn) X Twilight Sparkle(Female Alicorn)] - Monochrome 40 comic pages
- [Picture Series] Misguided Love [Shining Armor(Male Unicorn) X Chrysalis (Female Changeling Queen) - 38 pages fiction with 33 full color illustrations
- [Fanfiction] Shipping Is Magic 6 [Alternate Dawn(Male Unicorn) X Apple Eden (Female Earth Pony)] - 39 pages movie script with 9 full color illustrations
- [Fiction]Chimera And Dragon [Sivally(Male Pokemon) X Ember(Female Dragon Lord)] - 28 pages fiction with 15 full color illustrations
- [Fiction] Trixie's Buggy Day - [Pharynx (Male Changeding) X Trixie (Female Unicorn)] 19 pages fiction with 7 full color illustrations
- [Animation] 2 Long-Animations
= Thorax X Chrysalis 3D animation
= Changeling AJ 2D animation
- Naughty Logs Of Young Queen - 4 kind of picture with 8 pictures in total
- 41 Standalone arts [But 131 picture files in total, since most individual arts have more than one versions.]

This product is "Pay What You Want" The price of this product is up to you to add. you can even get it for free by place 0 USD as price. but please remember that every small donation will make me more likely to consider creating more art packs or even a comic. Each supporter and your feedback will support my life. For me to make more and more arts for you.

I gave you so much this time. Hope I will get some in return....



Here the link :

How to download : Click Link Above Click "BUY NOW" -> Set Amount (USD) -> click "Calculate Shipping/Tax" -> Fill Country Postcode => click "Free Checkout" => Fill your email and your name => click "Free Checkout" => Click "Click Here"

Beware : The system only allows for 100 "free" downloads per podcast, per day. Once this number is exceeded, please wait until the following day, when the system will reset and allow for more free downloads. Sorry for difficult, dear. But free stuff always have it own limit. (But payment download have no limit.)

Try this method if you have a trouble on open RAR. file…

Other Second World volume can be found here =>…

Ps. Please don't upload any arts in this art pack to any art gallery website (Like Derpibooru, E-Hentai, e-621, Clubflank, etc) before 18 February 2018 (2 week from now) in respect for all supporter.
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marinus18's avatar

The Chrysalis one though feels REALLY OOC.

Even though Chrysalis differs from story to story she always does have a dominant personality and a crafty and confident mind.

shinybob606's avatar
Aww this one isn't on ejunkie anymore :(
wildcannonn46's avatar
And here I am, broke and wanting to know.
Not all yhe standalone art is being unzipped a lot is broken pls help
DJDaniel01's avatar
Though I did finally figure out how to download the pack, do you know if the pictures will be going up online for everyone to see anytime soon?
Zajice's avatar
It always warms my heart to see my changeling ovipositor design get use. <3
marinus18's avatar
I'm not so sure I like the idea of Alternate Dawn being conceived because Twilight was horny. That would mean that she never actually wanted him.
Also that Twilight just discovers the futa spell by pure chance is a little improbable. It would make more sense if it was something she had been studying for years.

Nevertheless I love the way you draw Twiligh; regal, horny, personal, loving and even intimidating when needed. Alternate Dawn is still awesome as well.One thing though is that I'm not sure it was a good idea to present them as equals. I would think Twilight would have more grace and especially more self-confidence than her son.
AngelofDarkFire's avatar
i love your art <3 i love the history of alter, its all beautiful
FluttershyElsa's avatar
No matter which source I try to download it with, it tells me that the file is damaged and unable to extract. I use both WinRar and 7-Zip with the same result. Also the ZIP download through Drive never makes it past the scanning point. 
Same problem on the standalone pics
magolor89's avatar
I keep searching this but I don't find it not even in the rule 34 official page
marinus18's avatar
I think Alternate Dawn is your strongest character. That sort of relationship he has with his mother is quite fascinating. His mother doesn't like that he is not a mare but doesn't want to give in to that. They are similar yet also different. Yet despite how complicated his relationship is with his mother he never let's that bring him down. He greatly looks up to his mom and though he knows that as a unicorn stallion he can never be a ruler like her he tries to match her in other fields.
Serith's avatar
Keeps telling me I can't download it until the next day at midnight, then the next day tells me the same. I want to download for free first, then pay according to how much I think it deserves after I've seen it. Is that so bad? lol
vavacung's avatar
How bad it is? I got alert e-mails everytime people try to download this art pack for free after the limit reach. Let just say. My junk mail reach 1000 because of it since their have no option to not received it....
Serith's avatar
Well, I just tried again and it failed again. Tells me tomorrow. Not even 6:00am central time yet.
assassin400's avatar
why can't i click buy now?
vavacung's avatar
Try difference Web Browser.
redfoxkiller's avatar
E Junky only allows so many free copies. When it hits the limit, people have to wait till the next day.
renato098's avatar
not cry not cry not cry . . . MLP Emote Princess Luna Cute Face 
Already bought it. Fantastic work...

but I have a question about the comic Crazy Alternative Future. Is it a separate au and so not canon or have I misunderstand something?
vavacung's avatar
Some of it is canon. But some isn't. Sex and offspring is the one that not canon for sure.
marinus18's avatar
I'm not so sure Alternate not being Twilight's son is a good idea. I really liked him being Twilight's son and her having mixed feelings about having a unicorn stallion rather than an alicorn mare.
drums0003's avatar
Blau33's avatar
You are going the whole nine yards. Dont you?
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