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[Pay What You Want] SECOND WORLD VOL. 6


The sixth pack of Second World series. With all Comic , Picture series, Fan Fiction, Picture Set, Mini-Animations, mini Series, naughty young queen log and standalone art that normally for Patreon members!

Mmmm...I will run out of cover page's space someday in future at this rate...Did this pack really made from only 1 artist!? O_O"

Contents : (18+ Warning!!)
- [Comic] Crossover Story Act 2 [Sombra(Male Unicorn) X Oleander(Female Unicorn of "Them Fightin Herds")] - Monochrome 33 comic pages
- [Picture Series] Wyvern Want To Play Too [Alternate Dawn(Male Unicorn) X Sparity (Female Pony Dragon) X Serene(Female Wyvern] - 32 pages fiction with 19 full color illustrations
- [Fanfiction] Shipping Is Magic 5 [Alternate Dawn(Male Unicorn) X Little AJ (Female Anthro Earth Pony)] - 25 pages movie script with 4 full color illustrations
- [Fiction] Guy Night - 87 pages fiction with 25 full color illustrations
- [Fiction] Adapting To Shared Love - [Chrysalis X Thorax] 82 pages fiction with 8 full color illustrations
- [Picture Set] The Journey Of Young Lugia - 4 pictures set with story
- [Animation] 6 Mini-Animations
= Changeling Hoofjob = DJ POn 3 = Lyra Heartstrings
= Octavia Melody = The Alien = MM Griifon Clawjob
- Naughty Logs Of Young Queen/Sinful Princess - 4 picture with story logs
- 47 Standalone arts [But 176 picture files in total, since most individual arts have more than one versions.]

This product is "Pay What You Want" The price of this product is up to you to add. you can even get it for free by place 0 USD as price. but please remember that every small donation will make me more likely to consider creating more art packs or even a comic. Each supporter and your feedback will support my life. For me to make more and more arts for you.

I gave you so much this time. Hope I will get some in return....


Here the link :

How to download : Click Link Above Click "BUY NOW" -> Set Amount (USD) -> click "Calculate Shipping/Tax" -> Fill Country Postcode => click "Free Checkout" => Fill your email and your name => click "Free Checkout" => Click "Second World Vol.6"

Beware : The system only allows for 100 "free" downloads per podcast, per day. Once this number is exceeded, please wait until the following day, when the system will reset and allow for more free downloads. Sorry for difficult, dear. But free stuff always have it own limit. (But payment download have no limit.)

Try this method if you have a trouble on open RAR. file…

Other Second World volume can be found here =>…

Ps. Please don't upload any arts in this art pack to any art gallery website (Like Derpibooru, E-Hentai, e-621, Clubflank, etc) before 12 August 2017 (2 week from now) in respect for all supporter.


MY Patreon :
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AnotherUserNames's avatar
Im confused, is this physical copy or digital one? If its physical, where can I find digital?
vavacung's avatar
It's Digital Download Content or DLC for short.
AnotherUserNames's avatar
ok thanks, its just " shipping cost" scared me away. Thanks again.
Tatsuki13's avatar
I have a question. Cause I don't really have money to pay (I would if I had), and I am wondering if free selling somehow helps you (like popularity or something)? Or is it the same if I find it on some other side after someone will put all of it there? Cause the outcome would be the same, I would read it for free in both cases. Does "buying it for free" is of any use for you?
redfoxkiller's avatar
Hey Tatsuki,

Buying it for free actually helps. It lets Vavacung and I know how many people got a copy of the manga. When people post it else where, we don't get the numbers from that. So getting it for free threw the proper link above is the best for us.
Tatsuki13's avatar
Okay, than I will buy for free all the series (if the rest is still there) :) (if not, I will seek for the rest on other sites, and at least buy this one ^^')
golferdude666's avatar
I really want to pay you for this but I wont have spare money for a month. It feels wrong taking so much quality art from you for free.
Mutio86's avatar
I am enjoying "Shipping is Magic". Are you going to continue that story? And how many parts are plannend?^^
vavacung's avatar
Shipping Is Magic was writen by him. :iconredfoxkiller:

I have no control over this story. All idea is coming from him. So you better ask your question with him instead with me. ^^"
redfoxkiller's avatar
Yes you do vavacung  :P

There's a few things that you get me to change to fit the character's personalities. If I recall, this chapter was completely re-written ^_^

Not to mention a few of the chapters have ships that you asked for. Which reminds me... I should really get back to the two chapters that I want to finish, before I tell you about a new idea with one of your favourite ships!
Mutio86's avatar
Ah ok, thanks for letting me know :)
drums0003's avatar
this will be saucy 7u7
NarrowGosling02's avatar
Where's my gay shit!
redfoxkiller's avatar
Don't worry Shipping is Magic will have a few Mare on Mare chapters.  ^_~

Since Alternate Dawn is the only main character that's a stallion... it's hard to to do, unless we put him with one of the secondary characters.
NarrowGosling02's avatar
I was referring to stallions with stallions
redfoxkiller's avatar
The issue with stallion on stallion is that Alternate Dawn isn't gay. So new characters would have to be introduced. I'll talk with vavacung and see what she thinks.
Hey, I just brought all Second World Volumes. You are a master artist, please keep on with your work. You really have the talent for it. I enjoy ever bit of your work .
catxborsuq's avatar
Yes, been waiting for it^^ Of course it had to come out when I'm low on money ;p Will pay for it a bit though, sorry I can't pay more
AduroTri's avatar
I hope you do more with the Sombra comic idea. It's a pretty good one.

Honestly, I'd ship the poor guy with Twilight at least. (Where he at least returns to her.)
Sunnywet's avatar
I'm broke right now but payed fot it a little... Sorry I can't more T_T
AduroTri's avatar
Sunnywet's avatar
Well, technically... :D
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