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[Pay What You Want] SECOND WORLD VOL. 3


The third pack of Second World series. With all comic page, picture series, Fiction, Fanfiction, Mini Series, Naughty Queen log and standalone art that normally for Patreon members!

Contents : (18+ Warning!!)
- [Comic] Crazy Alternate Future 2 : The Artchenemy [Optimus(Male Griffon) X Maregatron(Female Saddle Arabia Pony)] - Monochrome 35 comic page
- [Picture Series] Crystal Shadow [Sombra(Male Unicorn) X Crystal Heart(Female Crystal Pony)] - 56 pages fiction ver. / 58 pages script ver. with 22 full color illustrators
- [Fiction] Mare Can Be Handful [Alternate Dawn (Male Unicorn) X Little AJ(Female Anthro Earth Pony) X Serene(Female Small Wyvern)] 28 pages fiction with 6 full color illustrator
- [Fanfiction] Shipping Is Magic 2 [Alternate Dawn (Male Unicorn) X Little AJ(Female Anthro Earth Pony) X Sparity (Female Unicorn)] 31 pages movie script with 3 full color illustrator
- [Mini Series] Sweetie Bot(Female Unicorn Biodroid) X Teenage Spike (Male Dragon)
- Adventure Log Of Naughty Young Queen - 5 picture with story log
- 22 Standalone arts

This product is "Pay What You Want" The price of this product is up to you to add. you can even get it for free by place 0 USD as price. but please remember that every small donation will make me more likely to consider creating more art packs or even a comic. Each supporter and your feedback will support my life. For me to make more and more arts for you.

I gave you so much this time. Hope I will get some in return....



Here the link :

How to download : Click Link Above -> Move screen down -> Click "ADD TO CART"

Beware : The system only allows for 100 "free" downloads per podcast, per day. Once this number is exceeded, please wait until the following day, when the system will reset and allow for more free downloads. Sorry for difficult, dear. But free stuff always have it own limit. (But payment download have no limit.)

Try this method if you have a trouble on open RAR. file…

Ps. Please don't upload any arts in this art pack to any art gallery website (Like Derpibooru, E-Hentai, e-621, Clubflank, etc) before 06/05/2016 (2 week from now) in respect for all supporter.


MY Patreon :
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Guadisaves02's avatar
The problem with me is I DONT want to download this or the others I just want see it online :/
CubeEffect's avatar
I want crazy alternate future part 2 but, i have no idea where to get it
vavacung's avatar
Find the link in description...
well... it took a few days but its on ehentai now... thanks to that i knew about it and got it from that e-junkie place. honestly wish i had money to spare. 
vavacung's avatar
That dirty uploader! Gahhh!!! I said to not post it before 06/05/2016!!...

...*Sigh*....Some people have no respect at all. Toying with someone generosity like that....
Krisisis's avatar
You should probably hide that comment or people might look there instead of e-junkie.
vavacung's avatar
It was removed now. Since the day I comment. 'Cause I report it.
Yea, you are never going to get people to do what you want, not when there is a reward to be had. only positive thing is e-hentai for the most part listens to peoples requests.
Riley-the-Lucario's avatar
Maregatron... Maregatron? Really? Here I thought I was bad with puns. 😑 Even still, *clap, clap, clap* I applaud the clever wordplay. Kudos to you, sir. You've made my morning. 😉🙂
Ok, it looks like a lot of people were having trouble downloading it right at midnight (or at least, midnight for MST), and I think I know why. the guys who built E-junkie based it in Arizona. Arizona doesn't believe in Daylight savings time. SO, for them, at least during the winter, when it's 12:00 for the rest of the Mountain Standard Time Zone, its actually 11:00. Hope this saves people a few headaches.
At least... I think that's it. I checked again and it said it was Designed in Tucson, AZ, so... I dunno. 
Spyling's avatar
So uh... i was paying twice for it (once 10 USD and shorty again 5 USD) and e-junkie keeps telling me that it couldnt process the payment and will inform me per email :/
vavacung's avatar
Can you give me your e-mail address so I can check it?
Spyling's avatar
nvm i got it XD
rinalin321's avatar
seems to be not be free its past 00:00 mst and it still wont let anyone get this not sure if the site is just lagging behind or if its  just broken

never mind working now site was being stupid
redfoxkiller's avatar
For anyone that reads Shipping is Magic; Please let me know what you think!
i have waited for this, and from what i have seen from the other ones, i am sure it's of very good quality as is the rest of your art and stories
LoneLostPony's avatar
Ow yeah, finally!
Fuzzinator23's avatar
You think you might do a comic of those two in the background?
cianid255's avatar
This is a great way for people who dont have alot of cash to support you in a way by spreading publicity or giving a small amount of cash who are less fortunate that still want to do something to support you but cannot afford to spend too much.

I myself have decided to atleast support you with a small amount of cash (6$), meager as it is I wanted to support you for making such great comics and storylines, (being a student paying loans and living of small amounts of cash does alot to keep one from spending too much, and exclude small pleasures such as sweets, going out with friends to have fun, ect)

All i wish to say is keep working hard and i hope all your effort pays off, to atleast to pay off in more than one way besides fulfilling your souls passion and imagination.
Animatorsnake's avatar
This is going to be awesome, THE HYPE TRAINING COMING IN FAST... and hard
hunterN05's avatar
I want this in me...

NIce~ :D Would buy, if I had cash.
Keep it up!
jpereira203's avatar
you can get this for free mate
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