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[Pay What You Want] SECOND WORLD VOL. 1

!!! WARNING : ADULT(18+) CONTENT !!! *This content isn't for clop-hater. Please reconsider yourself before take it*

This is the first pack of Second World series. With all comic page, picture series and standalone art that normally for Patreon members!

Contents :
- Crazy Alternate Future (18+) 32 Monochrome comic page
- Picture Series(18+) 29 PDF page with 17 full color illustrator
- 23 Standalone arts(18+)

Payment type : Paypal

This product is "Pay What You Want" The Amount of this product is up to you to add. you can even get it for free by set amount to 0 . but please remember that every small donation will make me more likely to consider creating more arts and comics. Every single bit of you will support me and my family life. For me to life upon my dream and make more and more arts for you.



Here the link :…

How to download : Click Link Above -> Move screen down -> Click "ADD TO CART"

Beware : The system only allows for 100 "free" downloads per podcast, per day. Once this number is exceeded, please wait until the following day, when the system will reset and allow for more free downloads. Sorry for difficult, dear. But free stuff always have it own limit. (But payment download have no limit.)

Try this method if you have a trouble on open RAR. file…

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marinus18's avatar
This really made me love Alternate Dawn. He really is your best character I think and your most interesting.
He seems to suffer from something of an inferiority complex yet can't be categorized as an complete failure. I think he hates the fact that he wasn't born a mare since equestria is a matriarchal society. Also, even though he is easily his mother's equal when it comes to science he doesn't have her powerful personality. Unlike her ponies don't listen when he talks. For him it seems so hard to get ponies to do what he wants while for his mother it seems so easy.
I think that Twilight also thinks of him as somewhat of a disappointment despite trying not to. She also would have wished he was born as a mare with the same charisma as her but sadly Alternate is neither.

Yet he still isn't all sad and serious and still has an upbeat personality and is very dedicated to his research. I think his extreme dedication might also be to try and compensate in a way for his deficiencies as a leader.

Your characters really are your strongest element.
marinus18's avatar
I think Twilight will be furious at Alternate and force an abortion. Then give him house arrest for several months.
if I really like this one, I promise to pay for the next one.
Goremise's avatar
Can tell a lot of these comics are hit and miss with people, like I liked the others, but this one, the story is a little too, heavy handed/forced to enjoy it properly. Not really that sad at all, more or less just shows the guy as pathetic. Would probably enjoy the comic more if I removed all the words, lol.

Named "here try this" with some good ole fashioned music playing in the background, then just make up your own story :D (was talking about that lust/love one of course)
PalieFox's avatar
If i want to download it but not like, send it to my house or put in my postal code?
CubeEffect's avatar
Damn, always with the good endings on the Picture Series, like it really gives my mind a lot of thoughts and imagination of the aftermath. That i have the urge to see aftertmath/second stories of these series
And oh, never let yourself write a fan fiction again because of those words in the picture series. Really gives me cringe no offense
CubeEffect's avatar
I wonder if there's any sequel to Crazy Alternate Future that shares the universe with this part
Part 1 and Part 2 Doesn't seem to have a connection together
MelStarpen's avatar
I have a doubt these comics are linked with  chaos future ?
vavacung's avatar
It's spin-off. Like an Alternate Universe. What happened here have no effect to the main story.
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Is there a fanfict for the Between Love and Lust, story, and if yes, can i please get a link?
SKYALAR's avatar
What program can I open this with?
SKYALAR's avatar
hmm, not working for some reason...
vavacung's avatar
I also use that program to packing all pictures. If it doesn't work. I don't know what will work anymore...
SKYALAR's avatar
hmm, if you find out let me know ;)
Darkaito's avatar
7-zip should also work
wait, i have to PAY to viewit? :( oh (censored)!
vavacung's avatar
Maybe you should read the description carefully....
you meen where i can get it free? i know but then i feel like i'm steeling.
vavacung's avatar
That up to you to feel. I already gave you an option now...
Jokiu's avatar
You know what? I found some of this stuff (Between Lust and Love) on e621 and fell in love with it right away. The art was amazing and sexy like nothing else. If there's an actually story attached to it, then I want it! As soon as I can, I'm gonna BUY it! How much do you want for the whole thing??
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