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[PMV] Aliez - Princess Twilight Another Story

Just a little mini PMV that I want to do for training my skill on program Adobe After Effect...I know it might not be my best work. But hope you like it. I still have much to learn....

PMV Link  :…

Plot :
Twilight Sparkle is Alicorn. But she isn't immortal. Nor Celestia or Luna. All Alicorns don't have an immortal life like everypony thought. They just have a long life than normal pony. Celestia know that her time nearly end and Equestria can't stand without her. So she have to find a successor. Somepony to replace her role when she gone...Somepony name Twilight Sparkle....

Twilight take her place and rule Equestria alone when Celestia and Luna gone. Without friend, she lost connect with Element of Harmony. She was force to fight and protect everypony in her kingdom in old tradition way. With power. With war.

Hope you like it. (Sorry if my English is bad and have many mistake.)

Anime: Aldnoah.Zero (アルドノア・ゼロ)
Song: "aLIEz"
Original: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki
Original Video :…
Lyrics: Spiral |…
Vocals: Rachellular |…
Mixing: Jefferz |
Picture : Me [ ]
Character : Hasbro, Lauren Faust

English Lyrics :…


I do not claim ownership over this original copyrighted material. I don't make any money off this. Only thing I own here is all pictures I draw.
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So how do the lyrics relate to Princess Twilight Sparkle?
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That was a beautiful and sad video.
Oops, apparently I misunderstood the ending. I initially thought that the comment "Hello, My faithful student" was said to Twilight by the figure standing in front of her. However, it was actually Twilight saying that to the figure (her planned successor).
Out of curiosity, is it intentional that the figure approaching Twilight at the end of the video seems to be wearing a helmet similar to Nightmare Moon or some depictions of Solar Flame/Nightmare version of Celestia (such as this:…)?
TeamInTheDarkness's avatar
Incredible PMV :3 nicely done (PS: im better on my depression BTW)
MrEmerald34's avatar
This is an amazing PMV.
morion87's avatar
After reading this, the pmv makes sense, especialy the end. Twilight called her student to show them their destiny: to be her sucsseser.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was pretty epic, interesting premise too.
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
Twilight the Tyrant?
Lambsalot's avatar
That was pretty epic~!
Raphaela123's avatar
Favourites!!!Fav fella (Badge) :musiclove: :music: 
CraftyMaelyss's avatar
Totally epic Bruh! :la:
You got a like and favorite from me!
Wacovean's avatar
I loved it, and the art was simply beautiful as well😄☺️
Raile21's avatar
You just made an anime opening for MLP, its an exciting piece!
Zeropony55's avatar
So is does Twilight turn evil and who's the new successor.
R-Doll's avatar
Amazing work.
redfoxkiller's avatar
If you keep this up, I think a few conventions in Canada and the USA will have to bring you in as a guest.

TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
This is really good! :)
Keep up the good work :hug:
Zilverstroom's avatar
it looks great /)*0*(\
MrOmg82's avatar
Pretty interesting story.
Nice work, keep practising and your PMV will be AWESOME!
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That was good. 
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