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My Life As A Short Dragon 14

"My Life As A Pufferfish"  

Spike is an adult. But nopony know about it because his short status fool them all. (His small size cause by lack of meat and greed). And ever since he hit puberty. He start to see ladies around him in the new light...Something he didn't notice before...  

This is a new content for $20 patrons. Seeing how unfair for them that the difference between $10 patron and $20 patrons is only naughty comic. This content will be post in Tuesday of each week.
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SignifiedMOnkey's avatar
Good thing there's no blood, he'd attract SHARKS!
GoldenGlow2's avatar
She's got some hips, though. 
dragonblue900's avatar
Your noseblood won't stop after she get out of water
Just wait till you see her hippogriff form.
karkovice1's avatar
The only Spike didn't suffer from extreme blood loss. =P
VocalGamer360's avatar
Just wait until she's in her true form.
KarmaNeutral's avatar
I dunno what i expected from this one...
ArcherStern's avatar
So Spike is safe... for now. I would take this time to drink and eat properly to start regaining the blood lost and prepare. This is merely a break in the war.
TheIndigoEclipse's avatar
So wait, is there a naughty version of this in the pateron?
ShiningRak's avatar
bu... bu... we want to bender... i say the plot
cajobif's avatar
Safe now, but not when she'll turn into her hippogriff self.
drums0003's avatar
those spines XD
NightSilverShadow's avatar
Or may be you have gills instead of a nose....Right?
YoshiRingo's avatar
templar127's avatar
Oh wait till she turns into a birb horse, Spike! ;)
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Just then Princess Skystar turns to Spike which give the young puffer fish a full view of her lower scales.

Skystar:"Spike can you come with me? I have something I need a blow fish to take care of. OH MY GOODNESS ARE YOU OKAY!?!"

Spike thinking:"So puffer fish can get nosebleeds."
Thrawn584's avatar
I think he would just explode into a mist of blood.
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
That a little to much  
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Spike, fate is a cold harsh temptress. And right now.......

DragonKingAlpha's avatar
I vote for Puffer fish don't get nose bleeds. :) (Smile) 
DracoBlair's avatar
Sudden PUFF incoming :D
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