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My Life As A Hive Queen

Queen Eagerness : I dream of fucking black pony princess!!  

Well...I don't know what to say. I let Queen Eagerness, my number 2 student run the hive while I went to vacation and this it what she left for me to finish instead of normal "My Life As A Short Dragon". Without a time to do a proper short dragon. So I have to finished her arts instead.

3 naughty versions involve oviposition and a lot of eggs can be found early on Patreon
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MGS Changeling in the background.
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i heard that if you don;t buy the naughty versions you have to wait till they get out. But after they get out where can we find them?
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Mature Content

[Pay What You Want] M.L.A.A.S.D Collection 01 by vavacung

In description :

This product is "Pay What You Want" The price of this product is up to you to add. you can even get it for free by place 0 USD as price. but please remember that every small donation will make me more likely to consider creating more art packs or even a comic. Each supporter and your feedback will support my life. For me to make more and more arts for you.
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*Sees the Box* Hi Snake.
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racist to luna? XD idk lol
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Chrysalis is also a black horse hybrid whatsoever so that counts.
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Very cute, nicely done.
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Pretty sure that calling a black horse black is not racist. Of course she is actually very dark cornflower blue, according to the Wiki, but that would be black to normal people.
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I'm assuming you're just taking the piss and that you did manage to get the joke.
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queen my bug queen!
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is that chryssalis?
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She is one in the four of Chrystalis's daughter. Who now ran away and leave the hive for me to run and daughters for me to care.
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What??? Ok i go for the camera
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I feel sorry for the two Drones in the background. Or three.
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Like she says!
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i think i much prefer this over short dragon heh
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