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[Mini Series] Honesty's Changeling



"Applejack was an honest pony, which is why she doesn’t trust in this Changeling she is supposed to watch over. She believes that these creatures are always dishonest, that they are always lying and can never be trusted. She locks this Changeling inside the barn at night instead of letting it sleep in her house, because she doesn’t trust it at all. She wanted her family to be safe from it, and the Changeling agreed to her decision, saying it was alright with it. But Applejack knew it was lying, she just doesn't like it...

The Changeling helps Applejack with every chore she has, even if Applejack doesn’t trust this Changeling, she still always asks it first, if the work is too much for it or not. But no matter what, it always said yes, always saying it can do it, always saying it’s fine. But Applejack knows that it’s lying to her again and again...And she hates it....

The Changeling kept working for her, kept lying to her, and Applejack never liked it doing so...She kept giving it more hard work, yet the Changeling kept doing all of it without saying no or ever complaining...But Applejack could see through all of its lies...She could feel this Changeling continuing to get weaker and weaker each day...

Until one day, its body couldn’t take it anymore…A Changeling's ‘full of holes’ leg wasn't made for bucking apple trees and it finally broke this time. Applejack knew it...But the Changeling kept pretending that it didn't hurt at all and was still trying to keep working...Applejack couldn't take it anymore...So she took it back to the barn.

Applejack was crying as she was curing the Changeling's injure leg...The Changeling wondered why she was crying, so Applejack asked the Changeling why did it keep lying...Why...Why can't it be honest just once...Why can't it stop wearing its mask...She hate the way it lie...

The Changeling looked at the pony...It wondered why she was sad, most ponies were always happy when it was lying...But why was this pony hurting so much...Finally...It decided to be honest for the first time in its life...It told her that it was afraid to be honest...If Applejack knew that it didn’t like sleeping in the barn or that it wasn’t comfortable to work on some work, then it feared that pony will decide to lock it up inside a cage or worse…Decide to end its life...

Changelings can't be honest; lying is what Changelings need in order to survive. Nopony likes Changelings for what they truly are, that’s why it has to keep wearing its mask. If it need to be loved, it has to lie. It have to pretend to be someone else and it must keep its target happy. The Changeling said that it doesn’t like lying too, but it has no other choice if it wants to survive and remain alive.

Applejack said it doesn't need to lie anymore, and that she wants it to be honest with her from now on. With tears welling in its eyes, the Changeling listened to it and finally decided to show its true feelings. It cried like a child, it told Applejack that its body hurt so bad...And that it was very hungry too, because Applejack doesn't give any love to it at all, as it was afraid to feed love from anypony. The barn is too cold for its kind, and some chores in the farm are too heavy for it to do without injuring itself...It told Applejack everything it was hiding inside. Every fear, every want and every need, without hiding anything...

For the first time in its life, there was somepony who let this Changeling show that it can be honest too...."…


This is a Changeling Selfcest Series that comes from the result of this vote:
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The design of Changeling's Mane6 coming from :…

Synopsis of Story:  

"In the end of Season 6, the Mane 6 returned to their home and found that their imposters (Black Changeling) were all still here.  After hearing about how their queen had lost and that a new king had ascended, they surrendered to the Mane 6 and they were forced to do charity work to atone for their crimes while under the Mane6’s supervision. However, they refused to give up the love they currently had in order to become colorful Changelings and join Thorax's hive, saying they will find their old queen once they had atoned from all their crimes.  

The Mane6 let these Changelings turn into Changeling versions of themselves, to better identify which pony each Changeling belonged to."


6 Naughty Continues (Female Earth Pony X Futa Changeling) can be found early on Patreon
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This story and art is great! All it needs is correction in grammar, and that's it! Keep up the good work! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻