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"Burning Star help her mother friend "Trixie" with her magic show"
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use dragon rush!
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If there was a crystal creatrue type parody of pokemon, what would you call it?

Any ideas or at least which of these names would you call that parody?



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This deserves to be faved
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This looks like a magic version of pokemon, wouldn't anyone agree?
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Trixie: Go Ursa Minor! Use Thrash!
Starlight Glimmer: Go Burning Star! Use Dragon Rush!

There you go!
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Exactly what I was thinking, this could lead to an alternate universe
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They all sooo cuteee >u<
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Yay for Aunt Trixie!
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aw this a very cute piece,Burning Star has alot of magical potential!.
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This is real magic!
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This is cool. Also, I have no idea where this ship came from but I want to see more of it even if I ship nothing.
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Beautiful job. That would be a cool show to see.
Aaahhh, so cute.
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Burning star use "dragon dance" XD
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These are the stupid funny comments that make me wish I had a like button like YouTube.
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ooo, a light projection and magic show

definitely applause-worthy stuff ^^
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I would like seeing Trixie do something similar in her show. like, maybe a "fight" between a Hydra and an Ursa Minor she creates with her magic?
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Am I the only one who thinks in a duel monster of Yugi-oh?
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