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Lyra : Please...Please let me join your herd! I promise I will be a good mare! I...I will cook! I will do house work! I will do everything for you and BonBon!

Anon NO.1 : No, Lyra. I'm not into polygamous. I don't want to make a herd or harem. It's not feel right for me to love 2 female in the same time. I don't think I can love both of you equal.

Lyra : You don't need to love me more than BonBon! Just...Please let's me love you and be your second marefriend!

Anon No.1 : .....No, Lyra. My word still stand. I give BonBon all of my heart. I want to focus my love on her and only her...For you...Lyra...You're a best friend to me. Even like my sister. But I can't think to you more than that. I'm sorry...

------------------------------- !!!! Information !!! ---------------------------------------

Polygamous : When a man is love and marry to more than one wife at a time. Love many female in the same time.

Herd : herd is the group of mares that love and marry with one Stallion. It's seem like normal thing in the land that stallion to mare ratio was about 1:4. (It's just one from many MLP's theory from some MLP fiction I read)

Giving a flower : 
when a mare courts a stallion, the first thing she does is offer him a flower the same color as her coat.  Take it is how he says yes and accept her. Since  in Equestria, stallion to mare ratio was about 1:4. So it's role reverse that the mare have to ask stallion out. (It's just one from many MLP's theory from some MLP fiction I read)

Giving a pure magic in vial : Unicorn will put their pure and unadulterated magic into the vial and give that to someone indicated something pretty intimate. The magic inside the vial represented a part of the unicorn. And it like their give part of themselves to the one they loved. (It's just one from many MLP's theory from some MLP fiction I read)

Giving a engagement ring : I think you know what it's mean. You're human after all.
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If He will not let her into his heart then poen a portal and let ME go THERE to LOVE her.  Stargate Emoji| Portal Black Hole Spews Black Hole Sucks Trou Noir/ Black Hole  VertiGo 2 Time Warp Galactic Center Time Warped