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I won't say I'm in love (with you...)

Ahuizotl : Stupid sexy coolest unstoppable Daring Do...I hate you so much!
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Aaawwww so cute~ XD
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He shouldn't hate her
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one she stops him his only thing to do after is win her
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
She's stopped him from conquering the world. Conquering her heart is another matter, she's not even sure it's a conflict she wants to win.
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This is just adorable!
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Three cheers for Ahuizotl's tail.
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Who d'ya think you're kidding
she's the Earth and heaven to you 
try to keep it hidden 
Honey, we can see right through you 
man, you can't conceal it 
We know how you feel and
Who you're thinking of
Rave Project-entry Dancing la Happy Dance 
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surrrrrrrrre.... you hate her...... /)~3~(\ SHIP IT ALL THE WAY
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I Ship It /)o3o(\
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Ahuizotl: Caramba, take the flores, already!!!*blushes even more*
Daring do: um... T-thank you. * lightly blushes and takes the flowers.*
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Yep - this is the most realistic, most cutest approach of this pairing that I've ever seen!
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I know my mind knows so much better,
She's my rival, not my lover,
And my heart's winning over this tide,
Though, I'm scared of what I'll discover, - I won't say I'm in love
Bobi200's avatar
That was beatiful!genesislovesyouplz 
kylapon's avatar
ahhh that's so cute. 
Fantasygerard2000's avatar
i say his IN looooooove~
ratacombs's avatar
y' that I think about it, I can picture this pairing really easily.
PoppyFields145's avatar
Wow . . . that's all I can say.
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I could totally seeing this be a real thing XD  very nice and cute! ^_^
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