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[Gift] Think Pink(ies)

This is a birthday's gift and thank you gift for :iconestories:

Happy birthday and thank you. Thank you for support me with premium membership. Thank you for watching my arts. Thank you for every comment. Thank you for told me that I'm your number one DA's comic artist. Thank you for everything. Thank you very much. ./////.

Hope you have a great life. ES.

Think Pinkies is an R63 avatar of :iconestories:
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Take it easy, Miss Pinkies, one day, you will laugh at this
Me, on the other hand, intend to laugh at it now
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*cough, cough* x__x Only 2 pictures left to write a comment about... So... What do we have he...

What?! Whut? Whaaaa...

xD Why? Why?! Why am I a mare again? >.<" 

But seriously: I love it! I love it to pieces >o<"
I hoped so much you would be able to draw something T__T I feel horrible about that!

I'll always, always, always support you x3 I loved and love your comics, I love your kind of humor... Your shipping and even the tears you gave and - for sure - will give me.

You're a wonderful artist and I'll always be on your side :3
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Thank you. I though you will not notice my gift anymore.
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No, it just... Was a long week :c Neigh Sayer lost a family member and we lost our pets, too.
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Not a happy birthday it seem. I feel sorry for you.
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It's ok. I had a wonderful year instead :) 
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sorry for the loss. I love your comics! I wish they wouldn't take an hour to fully load zoomed in...
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Rarity (Cute facial expression) "Think Pinkie looks absolutely FABULOUS Dahling!" xP 

This picture and those comments from Pimander and you are just perfect! :XD:

Super well done Vava as always! Keep up the great work! 
Rarity encantada 
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reading comments below i am seeing cute a lot but... i just not feeling it think pink
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just o be clear that was about think pink, not loveless nova's art skill 
loveless does great art! 
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Woo! I've been hoping to get a pic like this of her someday. XD
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Yes Think Pink's OC makes an adorable Mare, lol
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R63?...and this is adorable!!!
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  • "Rule 63: For each male and female character there is a variation of the opposite gender of that character."
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you mean that comic of ES that he is very pissed off with?...
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Yes XD

"Think Pinkie" he's not particularly proud of xP
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So kawaii! You really did an epic job on this!
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wait, doesn't he already have a female version of his character
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This is the female version o3o
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his own version
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It being drawn by a different artist doesn't make it a different character...
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This is so adorable!

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