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[Gift] Happy birthday, Father.

This is a birthday's gift and thank you gift for :iconestories:

Happy birthday and thank you. Thank you for premium membership. Thank you for watching my arts. Thank you for every comment. Thank you for told me that I'm your number one DA's comic artist. Thank you for everything. Thank you very much. ./////.

Hope you have a great life. ES.

Silverlay(left) and Alice(right) is a character that created by :iconestories:(middle). So he is just like their father. XD
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i ship you 2 so much,vavi.
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care full Es  Discord is watching and
you 're stealing his girlfriend    xD

lol   father  xD   sorri  my mistake   But care full  xD
AWESOME!!! If only my two alltime favorite OC's in the history of EVER could be in same comic. But EStories already established there would be no SoD/FY crossover. I love the way you have Silverlay blushing. And Alice looks absolutely GORGEOUS! :heart::love::heart:
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Now i'm jealous of ES XD
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Was sent here by :iconestories:

I can feel the love emanating from this picture! :D
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got all the mares coming on to you  you stallion you
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can i make a base of this? :aww: 

just asking your permission~
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What do you mean about base?
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base is a pony which DOESNT have a mane/tail, like this DIS PIE IS DELISHIOUS!!!OMNOMNOMOM!!! BASE by PrincessStarShineMLP. the people who wants to use it will make their own pony, they will be the one who draws their own mane and tail.. 
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Oh....As long as you have a credit for me. It will be ok. ^^
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XD Father???
Alice looks like Button's mom XD
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"Father" huh? Damn.
Oh :iconestories:, have you no shame? (I wouldn't either, so XD)
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It doesn't look like that I asked for the kissed, does it? xD
Of course you "didn't" Pffft
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I especially love Alice in this one. She looks so beautiful.
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You know... ^^""" Since I've seen this... I have no idea what to say about this to reach it's awesomeness.

The first moment I was watching at it I was like... HOLY MOTHER OF SAOSBHOAIBÜSÜAIHS!

I love Silverlay's expression here so much - it's just so bucking perfect >.<" Alice doesn't seem that unhappy about this, but still... The shading is amazing; the idea is perfect and I've seen what you did with my tie xD

Oh Vavacung T___T You made me so... So happy with this. You will forever be my #1 dA artist (and I'm happy I said this before this picture xD)
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