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First Flame

"Burning Star, daughter of Spike and Starlight with her first time breathing flame"
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What f**** That abomination
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Spike is like "How is she doing this?!"

And Starlight like. "This is amazing!"
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*Rarity shows up*
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Now with Flurry Heart, that's two of the Ponies of the Apocalypse identified. :)
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She is such a cutie! X3
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Well....THIS SHIP HAS SAILEDShip It I ship it like FedEx 
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Never imagined those two having a kid together. o_o
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Spike x starlight SHIP IT!!!
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Wait..... does Starlight have the same character model as nightmare Rarity, but smaller?
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Honestly she looks a little bit like Aria Blaze (Dazzlings, EQG) and the red pendant doesn't help. Frankly it's a little weird that Starlight and Aria seem awfully close in the colors department.
I can just hear her laughing manically while shooting the flames...
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Whoa, that is stupendous magic right there

Another ship has been made and is sailing Xp 
First, Rarity then Applejack and now Starlight? Dang! Seems that all the mares wanted Spike
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Well. If you cut out the age problem. Spike is potential male for everyone. He good with homework and brave to protect anyone. He save Crystal Heart before and recently just nearly became a dragon lord. He is a great supporter and is the male the have scene time that any male in MLP. XP
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Can you please, please, please make a doujishi of these two.
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not sure if i should be impresses... or terrified.
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Uhhhh... I'm pretty sure that Starlight older that Twilight and FAR older that Spike. Considering that by Jim Miller dragons mature at slower pace that ponies... I doubt that this pair could work.
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