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[Fanart] Grandson

By vavacung
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"I will look for you, I will find you, and I will grounded you"

A little continue comic of these arts and comics.
[Fanart] Dart Game by vavacung  [Fanart] Princess And Trickster by vavacung  [Fanart] Off To See The World by vavacung
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Is that a marines hat from One Piece?
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I know that I'm a little late to this one, but...what's the kid's name?
templar127's avatar
Ooh! Capper is in deep s***!!
Drawer450's avatar
I’m guessing Capper is the father and novo will kill him.
Delta52775's avatar
I hope you continue this.
DragonetXime's avatar
By how much she cares to share important info it wouldn't surprise me if the Daddy was surprised that Skystar is THE Hippogriff Princess XD
DragonetXime's avatar
Is that a reference from One Piece's Akainu?? Awesome!!
What an adorable baby!!
DragonKingAlpha's avatar
Well nice knowing you Capper. 
carno231's avatar
The Hunt for Skystar begins...
karkovice1's avatar
Oh, no! Capper's gone too far!

May God(or whatever he believes in, if anything) have mercy on his soul. 0_0
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:iconrarityponydesigner: Capper is gonna get it, isn't he? Well, lets hope he gets out of this with his 9 lives intact
rarityponydesigner's avatar
*Giggles.* Admit it, you felt a bit jealous when he flirted with me..
Zalokin's avatar
*Pouts in a cute way* I was NOT jealous, Rare-Rare*pulls you close to me with my wing*
rarityponydesigner's avatar
*Giggled.* You're cute when you pout.
Zalokin's avatar
*Blushed a bit*
rarityponydesigner's avatar
Boop. *Playfully pressed your nose.*
Zalokin's avatar
Boop*Pressed your nose as well*
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Some sh*t is about to go down!
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Ali: It just me or Nova want her cute grandson and tear the two of them . o_O?
Stormcloud1120's avatar
*One piece music in the background*
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She better not harm that child!
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