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[Fan Art] Trap Of Yarn

By vavacung
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"Sphinx is just a big kitty cat with wings and pony face..."

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Me: I dare you to solve: The impossible ball!
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So much string.... can we make her a returning "villain" in the show? Maybe have Somnambula confront her again, this time with Rainbow or Pinkie or one of the others and she discovers that all Sphinxy wants is a friend?
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I like the sphinx, she's cute! X3
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So cute!  *snuggles her*
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Thanks to Somnambula’s knowledge of where to find giant balls of yarn, she has defeated the evil Roach Coach...I mean Sphinx. LOL!
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Give her a yarn or catnip and she can be distracted.
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This is hilarious and adorable.
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Aryanne Trigger Happy [Emoticon Version] the best gun xD
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"W-where did you get all this wool?"
"Some friends of mine."
"They owed me"
"So, what do we do now?"
"Finish it with catnip."

Wonderful work
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Would you like sone catnip with your yarn?
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Lol, that was good, where are the big ball of yarns when you actually need them.
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Good idea, but the legend wouldn't be as epic. :)
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Well that worked out pretty good
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What a cute pussy!
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And if ever the Sphinx kitty escapes, there's some spare catnip outside the temple XD
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Giant laser-pointer would work as well...
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Sphinx's arch enemy.
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Wonder what yarn Somnambula will spin about this..?
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Spitfire: From Tartarus's heart, I stab at thee. With my last breath, I spit at thee.
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Well, that's a way to defeat a cat.
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That's quite a yarn...I mean it's one tall tail...(ugh never mind)
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