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Story :

In an alternate universe far away, Princess Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon due to the jealousy she feels towards her elder sister, Princess Celestia. Using the Elements of Harmony, Celestia is forced to banish her sister to the moon. The banishment of Luna paves the way for their enemies to invade and a war between races breaks out. Celestia struggles to restore peace to Equestria, and the war takes a devastating toll on ponies, nearly wiping them out.

In a last-ditch effort to end the conflict, the ponies decide to use a great weapon of magic. Although the weapon succeeds in bringing the war to an end, the magic it unleashes turns the area toxic. As a result, Equestria becomes an apocalyptic land, and all creatures must now adapt to survive in a world full of toxic magic.

Fast forward 1000 years later, the spell that banished Nightmare Moon has lost its power, and she returns to Equestria. She is shocked to find that the world she once knew is gone, and her plan to bring eternal night must be put on hold as she sets out to discover what has happened to her land.

In her search for answers, Luna transforms back into her original form and encounters many ponies along the way.

Dog Meat - "Winona"

Sole Survivor - Rainbow Dash and her useful Pip-Colt.

Diamond City's Reporter - "Rarity" and her assistant "Pinkie Pie"

The Griffon Raiders - A group of Griffon bandits that roam free in Equestria. They pillage, plunder, murder, and ruin the day of anyone unfortunate enough to not be one of them.

The Minutemare - "Applejack" and her Apple Family. They planed to make a home for all ponies and protect them from all harm.

The Brotherhood Of Steel - Paladin Shining Armor and his smart sister, Scribe Twilight Sparkle. They work for elder Blueblood as the military in order to collect all powerful weapons and technology. They plan to eliminate all Griffon Raider, Ghoul Pony, Super Mutant Pony and Changelings for Equestria to be clean once again.

The Railroad - The leader Fluttershy and her plan to bring freedom to all Changelings.

The Changeling - They were created by the mysterious institution with dark magic. They have the ability to turn themselves into any pony. Best at replacement and disguise. They are classified into one of three generations depending upon their complexity of mind.

The Institute - The mysterious group of Equestria. They used Changeling as slaves to do their job. They planned to make a better future for Equestria by creating the perfect peaceful ponies that have harmony and friendship in their heart.

The journal of one lonely princess sister had begun....What kind of ending awaits her in the end?


Just a crazy idea after playing Fallout 4. While I played it I also thought which character in Fallout 4 could be replaced with Character from the MLP show. And here is a result of my crazy idea. I never read Fallout Equestria before and Fallout 4 is the first game in series I play. If anyone want to write a fanfiction using is crazy idea, then feel free to do it cause I might not have time to make it myself. =w=

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Please Vavacung, please tell me some day you will make a story about this!? π–π