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[Event] Winter Guard

A picture for the event "Winter Season" in my local friend Facebook group.

"This cold make my iron hoof numb so bad...?"

PS. Naughty version can be found in Patreon
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cool, uno de mis personajes favoritos de marvel, detrás del punisher
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One question. By whom he was brainwashed? 'Cause, you know. The hero is sleeping somewhere in an ocean, and this one was supposed to be recruited for bad guys. Keep drawing.
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thats an awesome crossover,like holy crap awesome
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won't he get frostbite from the cold?
and this is such amazing drawing.
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he looks awesome :)
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Omg it's Marvel and MLP and I absolutely LOVE this!!!
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Cute bunnies and snow creature(idk what it is). Great pic :D
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I liked the Red Star on the bionic arm.
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the bunnies oh the inponity
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This is very interesting nicely done.
I didn't realize until now that he has a mechanical arm. Cool.
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wow cool work
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I'm pretty sure this is a ponified Winter Soldier from Marvel :)
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Would kill you to get the next update of the ongoing stories ~ ♥
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How would she draw if she's dead?
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Pony Necromancy 101. A get a copy of this book.
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