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[Event] Mommy Mummy

A picture for the event "Halloween" in my local friend Facebook group.

"When mommy pony tried to cosplay as mummy in Nightmare Night. Does it make her more scary or sexy?"

PS. Alternate version can be found in Patreon
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Gibdos comes up to me an' says

:icongibdoplz::iconsaysplz:Eh. Ey you wanna unwrap me?

An' I says okay. Whaddya look like on the inside, alright? I unwrap him slowly an' says, "Dis isn't gonna be goooood..."
I sees a beautiful face underneath an' I says DANOUTTADAAAAAN.
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....I'd hit it
Looks more cute than sexy. 
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"Huuurg... Sexy ! Gender... Whatever."
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Well, laying in that position, it's adorable. lol
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male or female?
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I dont think it maters just want a ground hug
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forgiveness but with my experience I like anime sure whether boy or girl even if she's a girl ovbio (example: one of the brothers killua seems completely turns out to be a girl and boy)
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I think the name of picture already told about it....
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Yeah, it´s a mummy... with bandages... and red eyes... and rotten body... and...
Ohhhhh, I get it... the "Mommy" in the title...


Dash facehoof (You in this moment)
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So ivol... me like <3
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it's cool,sexy and I <3 it
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Sexy and cute all the way. :D
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what the hells wrong with her eyes :c
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oh yea sexy men
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Huh, I am divided in my thought here, so I will go with my usual remark for when I'm divided. I really like her mane?
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.3. scawy and sexy
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Mommy during day, Mummu during night. Everytime you draw ponies in those poses, they look sexy rather than cute nor scary
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Vavacung got a lot of practice drawing that eye at this point for sure.
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